The New Cutting Edge X39 Patch For Pets

The New Cutting Edge X39 Patch For Pets

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Dec 07, 2022

Lifewave X39 for a more youthful energy in our pets, dogs, cats and horses too- has been known to relieve joint pain, and other types of pain, help wounds heal faster, plus reduce inflammation while it activates the vibration for increased lifespan. 

In November 2022 I was introduced to the LifeWave patch, called X39. When my new assistant, Neil, shared the information with me about the X39 I was intrigued. She told me about changes she was seeing for herself with the patches so I bought them and started patching myself as soon as I got them in hand.

Why Not?? I thought.... even though this is a multi level marketing product, which I do not typically sign up for - this  one was intriguing.  So...what if if it works at all, what an amazing potential for raising the High Vibe! If not, then at least I have tried them out.

Within a few days I noticed an actual change in my physical body! Wow, I felt better all around. I also realized I was less tired, and my brain seemed more focused. Over the first couple of weeks I am continuing to see and feel differences such as better sleep, less headaches, more energy and overall wellness.

When I heard about people using these on their pets and horses I got super excited!

So it began... Neil and I started to research all we could find about how these are helping animals worldwide. I decided to start as a distributor so my Holistic HighVibe Tribe can get on the band wagon for themselves and their pets if they feel called to try it. 

X39 is a patented phototherapy (low level light therapy) patch designed to elevate the GHK copper peptide, which in turn enhances stem cell activity. Clinically proven benefits include pain reduction, improved sleep, increased energy, cellular age reversal, faster wound healing and reduced inflammation.

The secret is in the manifesting power of this patented phototherapy with an advanced non-transdermal patch technology! And Wow!! Talk about raising the overall frequencies of the body.

X39 uses the heat emitted from your, or your dog or cat’s body, to active light frequencies that activate a copper peptide in the blood, which increases stem cell activity.

Dogs, cats, horses and millions of humans in more than 70 countries worldwide, have benefitted from this safe, natural, no-side effects patch. 

Healthy Pets. Healthy Pet Parents. Healthy Fur Families.

  • Activate your pet's and your own stem cells!
  • Patented phototherapy is designed to elevate a peptide known to enhance stem cell activity
  • Supports relief of minor aches and pains.
  • More energy and better sleep – must be experienced to be believed
  • Supports natural wound healing process
  • Maintains healthy inflammatory response

We can put a patch on our dog or cat's collar tag, and the patch will be activated by its body heat.

Some folks are just putting the X39 directly on the animal's hair or fur. If it doesn't stick, put some tape over the patch and press firmly down so that it really sticks!

Horses, dogs and other animals the world over are being patched with the amazing LifeWave patches.

Increasing the life force and vibrational frequency as well as the performance of animals.

No Drugs. No Injections. No Supplements.

Measurable results are often seen in minutes, especially with Aeon and Icewave pain patches in horses.

Try patching some of the injured or ailing older pets in your life and you will see the results for yourself.

There is nothing as convincing for me as personal experience to sell me on a product.

The possibility of pain reduction and reversing signs of aging first attracted my attention to the LifeWave products.

.One of the most valuable uses of these patches has been for the reduction of pain in aging or arthritic animals, particularly when they cannot take any more pain medication

To use:

Getting the patches to be more secure on animal fur: if you can't patch on a collar, name tag or bridle, especially when patching on the point of pain for pain relief - You can try using a drop or 2 of eyelash glue on the sticky side of the patch to help it stay on the fur more effectively.

Aeon and X39 work systemically, so you don't need to place these on the point of pain, but we have found these often work more quickly near or on the problem area.

There's a 30-to-90-day risk free guarantee on all Lifewave initial orders, depending on how you purchase. Please check it out on their website and watch some of the videos below. 

The X39 stem cell activation patch is recommended to be used both for people and animals.


To order or find out more about this incredible technology go to:

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