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Medicinal Mushrooms for Dogs & Cats

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on

For thousands of years, many civilizations around the earth have used and promoted mushrooms for their medicinal properties. Medicinal mushrooms for dogs and cats are now becoming more and more popular. As holistic vets and pet parents are discovering that organically harvested mushrooms have potent immune building benefits for pets.

These mushrooms contain an abundance of powerful nutrients, enzymes and proteins that can treat a variety of health issues. We certainly regard mushrooms as a natural earth based, naturopathic supplement that is a 'high-vibe' addition to a super natural health protocol for any dog or cat needing quick healing support. 

The main health giving aspect of medicinal mushrooms are called polysaccharides. They are also called beta-glucans which can help the to body handle numerous physical factors that can cause physical dis-ease.

They also contain besides the polysaccharides; triterpenes and lysozymes that provide antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-tumor benefits.

Many of the medicinal mushrooms also have properties that quicken the immune system- helping it to kick into high gear to support certain organs, assisting the healing of the liver, kidneys, and the heart.

Medicinal mushrooms can be seen as intelligent beings that actually help to support other life forms. It seems their job is to help all life or living entities on land all around the earth. They can spread for miles underground with their mycelium. The word mycelium actually means “more than one”. It is this mass of intertwined filaments that creates an amazing network of underworld information that is often submerged in another body as in the soil or organic matter or the tissues of a host - Also known as— 'mushroom roots'.  Mushrooms are as high vibe as it gets when it comes to earth vibration and frequency. Who knows their level of consciousness.

Mushrooms are known to preserve the complex structure of the bionetwork of the planet. They do this by being a catalyst for the various plant species to allocate nutrients, to decomposing and offsetting environmental toxins and as healer for humanity and their animals alike.

Mushrooms are wonderful suppliers of antioxidants for us. Some of them are polyphenols and selenium, however they are also sources for some antioxidants that are unique to them and their mycelium. One of their antioxidants is called L-ergothioneine, which scientists now know is a "master antioxidant" as it is carried into the cells to fight damage caused from oxidative stress and free radical damage.

Ergothioneine is an amino acid that is made only by mushrooms and by other fungi and mycobacteria in the soil. Plants can pull the ergothioneine up through their roots and animals can get the ergothioneine through grazing on grass or other plants containing it.

Dogs’s and cat’s bodies can't produce its own ergothioneine, so our pets depend upon their food to obtain it – such as meat and other plant sources.

There are so many conceivable health benefits that mushrooms can offer our furry companions to help with overall immune support and total well-being. I consider medicinal mushrooms a natural, high vibe, powerful supplement that is noteworthy of giving raw fed pets when support is needed.

One of the most popular reasons to give our pets medicinal mushrooms is for cancer. So many older pets seem to end up with cancers these days. Mushrooms can be used prophylactically or to combat cancer after the fact.

Incredible as it seems mushrooms are amazing anti-carcinogenic. Even the regular little white button mushrooms we regularly buy at the store are actually little anti-cancer weapons disguised. They are capable of averting and quashing cancerous tumors and cells that are already starting to change into malignancies.

No one really knows why this is. However, these little medicinal mushrooms can be a great support option for dogs with cancer.

(To the right is the MycoFormulas K-9 Adaptogen Supplement, 1000 Servings for dogs and cats. >>> Click on the bag for more information and to see their formula. )

Results show that whole-mushroom extracts contain medicinal properties that control carcinogenesis and tumorigenesis at different stages of growth.

So therefore medicinal mushrooms could absolutely provide added benefits and healing effects in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Simply due to the fact that they have so many varying means and modes of knocking out cancer cells by way of the immune system.

.Here are a few other health concerns mushrooms might address:

  • Geriatric pets that might be suffering from chronic debilitation- such as muscle atrophy, heart issues, and other types of overall weakness
  • Side-effects of steroid use
  • Helpful in working with Cushing’s disease
  • For weakened puppies or kittens with severe parasite issues
  • Cats with compromised immune system diseases (FIV, FIP, FeLV) or kittens with viral upper respiratory tract infections
  • Liver issues, hepatitis or even mushroom poisoning
  • Adjunct to antibiotic or anti-fungal pharmaceuticals – Use together with colloidal silver
  • Acute and chronic cystitis -used with colloidal silver

Below is a video by the producer of the MycoFormulas  K-9 which they sell by the Kilo for $199

It has 10 different mushrooms in it including the ones in the image below the video/

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