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Raw Organic Eggshell for Pets


SKU: OE 9oz


Eggshells are a great source a calcium in a raw diet where bone is not available, or the pet cannot eat raw meaty bones. They need a balance and if not getting enough bone they are getting more phosphorus than calcium.  Ground eggshells, which are easily digestible, will help pets balance the calcium-phosphorus. 

 Eggshell is a natural pure calcium with inherent transport proteins for maximum absorption and essential trace minerals for increased bone building support. Eggshell calcium is about 40% calcium carbonate the remainder is other beneficial minerals.

It’s high calcium content and superior bio-availability provide substantial health benefits over other bone substitutes.

Eggshell helps to re-balance the calcium to phosphorus ratio. This is a safe alternative to high-phosphorous bone meal. It is also much safer since you don't have to be concerned about chemicals in bone meal.  It's hard to regulate where bones  in bonemeal come from (whether the animals were euthanized chemically or not). Sometimes euthanasia chemicals can be passed through the bone meal, so it's much safer to use eggshells.


 9 ounces of powdered Natural unrefined, raw eggshell calcium.  Non-chemical, From Organic Eggs Eco-friendly 


OE 9oz
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