Colloidal Silver for Pets- 3 gallons

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Our Colloidal Silver for Pets is now available in a 3 gallon jug with free shipping!! 

The jug is 11.4 liters, BPA free and stackable. It is a handy way to purchase the colloidal silver for those with big families. 

Keeping your dog or cat’s immune system resilient is critical in today’s situation with all the toxins in our environment that daily affect our pet’s wellbeing.  Including vaccinations, pesticides, chemical drugs, household cleaners and even many of the kibble and canned foods being fed can compromise your pet’s immune system and leave them vulnerable to diseases. Strengthen and improve their vitality and vibration with Colloidal Silver for Pets.


How to Administer: Spray directly on the area of concern, let your pet drink it in place of water, give by oral syringe and/or add to pets waterbowl.