Does Colloidal Silver Accumulate in the Body?

Does Silver accumulate in the body?

Absolutely not!
A claim I often see is that silver will accumulate in your body, like mercury.

Some misinformed people are claiming that silver is a heavy metal. It’s not, it’s a noble metal.

What are the Noble Metals? 

“There is more than one list of noble metals. The following metals are considered noble metals (listed in order of increasing atomic number): ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, osmium, iridium, platinum, gold.” 


It is totally false that silver does not flush out of the body. Below are the results of a study called the “Altman study” that shows that 90% of silver has left the body within about 12 hours of ingestion and 100% of it in about 24, through colon and bladder, mostly colon.


 "For purposes of a mass balance, the amount of silver in hair, perspiration, and nail samples cannot easily be transformed into a corresponding 24-hour equivalent, but judging from the low level of total silver present from these sources, I think it is reasonable to discount these avenues for significant silver elimination. Taking into account silver loss through feces and urine alone, this preliminary study reveals that:

1) Silver is excreted easily from the body, primarily in the urine.

2) More silver leaving the body than entering during a 24-hour test period probably can be accounted for by the variability of the total amount of urine and feces produced on a day to day basis, i.e., body tissue acts as a “flywheel” retaining and excreting more or less silver depending on the daily volume of bodily waste generated.

3) Since the same daily amount of silver had been taken for several months prior to this 24 hour test, it is reasonable to conclude that the total amount of silver residing in body tissue is many times that of the daily amount eliminated (this conclusion is supported by additional evidence given later).

Therefore, it seems quite possible that CS taken prophylactically offers better protection than CS taken only at the onset of illness.

 by Roger Altman


See more here from the Altman Study here: ALTMAN STUDY  Which explains how silver is eliminated in 24 hours after consumption