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The Power of a Whole Pet Approach to Thriving Health For Dogs and Cats

The journey into thriving health for your pets begins here …

Welcome!  Chances are you not reading this page by accident.  At the very least you are curious about what true natural, holistic health is and how to help your pet achieve it.  Right?

The information available on and from this website may be new and strange to way you have always thought about health care for your fur babies.  It may go totally opposite to what you have been told and practiced up until now OR maybe you have heard other singing the praises of true natural animal care and heard their testimonies of sick dogs or cats being restored to health or puppies, kittens and even adult dogs and cats that have never been sick a day in their lives and never had to see a veterinarian.  Whatever peaked your curiosity and interest – I hope what you will read and learn here will make you begin to think differently, to see life – health and disease from a different perspective.

We Pet People are so attached to the furry members of our family. 

We are miserable when they are not feeling their normal perky selves. Right?

 Are you tired of trips back and forth to the vet?  Spending hundreds of $$ on vet bills? 

Having a pet that is not in good health can be so depressing.

I know how much that hurts your heart. I totally feel you!    

 Our dog or kitty's health issues can be one of the most frustrating and heart-breaking feelings ever!!  I know you feel HELPLESS when your pet is sick, itchy or just is not feeling quite right! 

 If your pet is not at their ultimate health I can help you turn it around. 


exercise.pngSince I have figured out how to handle most of my dogs health care needs with natural methods through these first 5 steps below, I'd like to share them with you to start your pet on the journey to natural and holistic healing.

You may already know what these steps are...but for those new to this idea of natural health...

It's easier than you think! Just pick up the leashes and start the journey now!! 

You  can be confident that there are ways to heal your pet without drugs, without going to the vet.  

It can be confusing with all the natural products on the market out there.  It is much more simple than we think.  It is about raising the frequency and life force of your pet through getting back in touch with the laws of nature.  What animals in nature do to be healed. 


 Do not feel you always need to go to the vet when it comes to your dog or cat’s suffering and current health condition. You truly can turn them around with the laws of nature as the cure, without conventional medical advice.

Sure get the diagnosis so you know what is going on with their health if you feel unsure about it.  It is best to know what is going on so you can pinpoint your focus.  Then go to work to cure it naturally, safely without  the negative side effects of drugs and conventional treatment. 

PLEASE KNOW THIS: Your Pets as well as You, Can Truly can be Healed With the Help of Mother Nature and the High Vibe Lifestyle.

Let me Help You Bring Them Back Into Balance With the Life Force As Nature Intended!

Start the Journey towards 'Super Natural' pet health with these few easy steps. 

By raising the life force and keeping the frequency of our fur family at it’s peak is what creates vibrant health and strong impenetrable immune systems. Even the worse cases can be turned around through the simpler laws of nature.dogandcat.jpg

 Your ‘babies’ are counting on your wise choice so they can go beyond just surviving- We want them to thrive by raising their vibration to a higher frequency where disease, pests and parasites are not able to exist.

The real secret to good health and natural longevity for your dogs and cats is prevention. If you invest a little into health, instead of having an animal that suffers a slow and painful decline, you’ll have a fur friend that is and will remain healthy for many years to come.   


Your very first steps along this journey to 'High Vibe Super Natural Health' for your pet is to just stop everything that is unnatural.golifeforce.png 

High Vibe Super Natural Pets are FULLY ALIVE- fully thriving due to their strong life force and connection to nature. 

These easy first five steps to raising your pets life force energy through:


 1) Species appropriate diet- which what is highest vibe for carnivores is raw meat

2) Stop using chemical pesticides-  Try the Natural Approach!

3)No more booster vaccines-What they have had already is enough!

4)Give a Good Probiotic- If you have been feeding kibble get them on good quality probiotics and enzymes while you are transitioning to a raw meat diet.

5) Give Colloidal Silver -to boost their immune system and help to eliminate the low lying pathogens in the system



The best way to build immunity is through optimal nutrition. Once your pet has been on a species appropriate diet, the use for supplements is rare.  However, when you are dealing with a health issue stick with natural treatments and supplements.  Use herbs, minerals, grasses, digestive enzymes and probiotics as additions to that high quality raw meat diet if they are in need of immune boosting.

 All natural, no artificial vitamins and minerals, though.  Everything should have a lifeforce energy left in it.  Which means it should be raw, organic and as close to nature as possible.  This is key! 

We do offer the High Vibe Nutrients as a nice supplement to the raw diet as well.  Made with organic grasses, greens, sea vegetables and soil probiotics.  Added herbs for immune support as well.  

I found this was what my raw fed dogs needed to their super healthy prey model diet.  When my dogs aren't feeling good for one reason or another they what to eat grass.  Sometimes they dig for roots, also eating the soil with it.  This is why I created the HIGH VIBE NUTRIENTS.  

As listed above on of the most effective simple steps I can offer is our High Vibe Colloidal Silver.

 Again I can emphasis it enough:  Boosting immunity is the primary concern for vibrant, disease resistant 'Super Natural' pets.                           

Silver can begin to clear out any low lying pathogens in a less then vital body.  Colloidal silver works so well to start to boost and assist the dog or cats own immune system to kick in.  Use our high vibe Colloidal Silver for Pets to boost their immune system and begin the healing process.   Colloidal silver is a noble metal.  A high quality mineral that is now being discovered that the body needs for immune building. 

But there is more to it...It is about Nutrition and eliminating toxins. 

You have to do your best to eliminate all low vibrations in your pets energy field. 

Our furry family members are much, much more sensitive to energy fields, vibes, frequencies and negativity than we realize. 

 So.....I decided to make a list of everything for dogs and cats that can affect their immune systems negatively, and lower their vibration, thus their immunity to dis-ease and all you need to do is be aware of these and eliminate or improve everything you can.

This is a list of the main low frequency energies that pets are affected by:

  • Low grade food-most kibble-canned food.  (these are not species appropriate foods for a carnivore)
  • Answer this: What animal in nature eats cooked food?  Is there one animal in the entire world that thrives on a de-natured diet?
  • Vaccines due to the toxins and adjuvants ( additives to help kick it in)

  • Unfiltered water- fluoride in water, chlorinated water

  • Lack of fresh air and sunshine on a regular basis

  • Not enough exercise for the breed

  • Lack of love and attention

  • Pesticides and chemicals on and in them

  • Chemicals in the home environment- everyday cleaners, yard fertilizers, carpet out-gas etc.

  • Unnatural toxic ingredients in pet shampoos (use only organic, natural ingredients on pets) 

  • Yelling and arguing in the household they live in- animals are super sensitive to sound and vibration

  • Not enough time with their owner, or not feeling like someones special friend, dogs especially need a special someone

  • Too much exposure to TV- EMF’S- computers. Animals need a private place to get away from noise, electrical magnetic frequencies

 dosomething.jpgAs you can see - We first have to make a few changes about what is causing the root of the problems. allopathic veterinarians  have made it so complicated with named diseases followed by drugs, more drugs and then surgery.

 When really it is all about BALANCE. 

Every illness or disease has a root cause.  Finding the root cause and then getting the body back in balance, building the immune system naturally and following these steps can help and eliminate about 75% of most disorders in your dog or cat!  


 I recommend you go through these posts below and read about the changes we can easily begin to make.  To help clarify the reasons we need to feed an appropriate diet and minimize or stop giving vaccines period.  The pesticide market is a huge money maker for the vet industry.  We really need to rethink why we subject our pets to the onslaught of  chemicals as we do.

The very first step to take is to educate yourself. If you don't want to read these articles- at least google it.  Google about raw food diet for carnivores.  Vaccinosis, and pesticide damage in dogs and cats.  

The cornerstone for vibrant health-raw feeding.  Hands down.  access more about getting your carnivore pet on a raw food diet.  

Please start here with these articles and begin your journey into holistic, naturopathic pet care. 

  1. Raw Food Diet for Dogs and Cats

  2. Should We Vaccinate Our Pets?

  3. Dangers of Conventional Treatments For Preventing Pests & Parasites

  4. No More Fleas-Without Chemicals

  5. Why Use Colloidal Silver for Pets

  6. ​How to Treat Pets That Itch and Scratch


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