Welcome to Holistic Pet Care: Your Gateway to Natural Pet Wellness


Hi there! I'm Rhonda Jewel, the passionate owner and leader of Holistic Pet Care. With over 25 years of experience in animal holistic health, I've dedicated my life to improving the well-being of pets and their owners through natural methods. Here's a little journey through our story and what we offer.

My Lifelong Journey with Animals:

Ever since I was a child, surrounded by a diverse range of pets... dogs, cats, guinea pigs, pet hamsters, pet mice and rats, pet deer, raccoon, lizards, snakes, parrots, and even a pet monkey. I got my first horse when I was 7 years old.

I've been fascinated by natural animal care. My real journey into holistic pet care began over 40 years ago in California, where I worked as a Holistic Health Practitioner. This path led me to establish my first holistic pet care business in 1997, driven by my passion for Veterinary Homeopathy and Natural Rearing.

Our Roots in Holistic Methods:

Starting out on our horse and herb farm in Ashland, Oregon, I delved into the world of raw foods, herbs, and homeopathy for pets. Long before the internet era, I was already exploring the high vibrational benefits of raw, unprocessed foods for both humans and pets.

Innovating with Colloidal Silver:

A pivotal moment came when I discovered the wonders of colloidal silver, a product I had been using personally for years. Realizing its benefits for pets, especially after seeing positive results with my Pomeranian, Juniper, I was inspired to create and offer affordable colloidal silver products for other pet owners. This marked the beginning of Holistic Pet Care as an online venture in 2013, aiming to assist pet parents in raising healthy, happy pets.

Education and Empowerment:

At Holistic Pet Care, we believe in education. We focus on informing our customers about alternatives like colloidal silver, homeopathy, and raw feeding, offering natural solutions over conventional, often expensive veterinary care. Our approach addresses the rising concerns about over-vaccination and pharmaceuticals, seeking to balance and enhance the immune systems of our furry friends. My background spans a wide range of holistic disciplines, from animal nutrition to homeopathy, TTouch, pet massage, behavioural psychology, and much more. We're committed to using and creating high-vibration products, incorporating advanced healing technologies, and always focusing on the power of positivity.

Join Our Community:

We invite you to become part of our High Vibe Tribe. Whether you need support or are just starting your journey in natural pet care, although we cannot give personal consultations or phone calls we're here to guide regarding our products or answer questions via our online chat. 

Join us in our mission to raise naturally healthy pets and discover the joy of holistic pet wellness! 

For more information and to get a paid consultation from other animal naturopaths that do offer consultations please find links here:  CONTACT acannewbadge.png

I am not a veterinarian or nor do I offer anything regarding drugs or medicine. I am a certified small animal Naturopath, holistic health coach and a teacher. I do not profess to heal disease, but rather, offer information on our website under articles that can help you make educated decisions regarding the true health for your pet's well being. I am here to educate via articles and our online chat and inspire pet parents to raise healthy happy high-vibe pets. Helping others to provide a more natural and truly healthy environment for their dogs and cats. Again, I am not a health professional and do not claim that colloidal silver can treat diseases of any kind. According to the FDA only prescribed drugs administered by licensed physicians can claim healing of any kind. Please read our disclaimer here: DISCLAIMER