HOLISTIC PET CARE LLC is the result of many years of working, learning, studying about holistic methods that could help to make the lives of pets and their pet parents better, safer, healthier and easier. With over twenty-five years of practical experience in animal holistic health, I had the knowledge and understanding to help animal owners follow the health-giving path I’d discovered.

rhonda-2-sm.jpgI am Rhonda Jewel, the owner and Pack Leader of Holistic Pet Care. I manage this business on my own. I have a small crew of part time helpers.

I grew up with many pets including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, pet hamsters, pet mice and rats, lizards, snakes, parrots, and even a pet monkey. I got my first horse when I was 7 years old.

My work in holistic pet care began over 40 years ago. I was a Holistic Health Practitioner in California starting around 1979. My first start as a holistic pet care business, called 'Animal Awareness Alternatives' in 1997 began after taking a year long certification program in Veterinary Homeopathy. I have been practicing "Natural Rearing" since 1998 and will only use the best quality of food for my dogs.

I started out in Ashland, Oregon on our horse/herb farm helping people’s pets with raw foods, herbs and homeopathy. This was before the internet was so popular. However, even then I had come to learn about raw foods for humans and pets, and that the vibration level of these raw foods was alive, not dead, that is, cooked and de-natured.


When I discovered the benefits of colloidal silver for pets it all started to come full circle.

I'd been using colloidal silver on myself for years and have always tended towards natural and organic since in my 20’s. However, I never correlated the using of colloidal silver to help with my dogs until about 12 years ago when I got my little Pomeranian, Juniper. I’d never had a small dog before and never a Pom. I noticed after about two years old her teeth were starting to look brownish already. I had read Pomeranians have real issues with their teeth getting plaque buildup at a young age.

I had met a man while on sabbatical in Canada that was making colloidal silver. I had been getting it from him in a quart mason jar for $35.

(Which was a great price as I had been paying $50 for 8 oz in the states for colloidal silver.)

So, I thought, wow, it’s affordable enough I can try giving this to Juniper to see if it helps her teeth. Within about a month of giving CS to her regularly, her teeth were white and clean again! I was so excited and happy about it, I got the idea to make and sell affordable colloidal silver for other pet owners for their dogs and cats. At that point I had been working on building an online business and bells went off in my head. COLLOIDAL SILVER FOR PETS!

The online version of “Holistic Pet Care” was born after discovering the amazing beneficial effects of colloidal silver for pets.

In 2013, I launched Holistic Pet Care, as an online company to sell these amazing colloidal silver products and to help pet parents raise health, happy, high vibe pets. Here, pet owners can learn more information about naturopathy and the holistic lifestyle for their dogs and cats and become more educated on the benefits of natural living for their fur babies.

At that point I went back to studying and took a certification course in small animal Naturopathy. I was mixed about the whole vaccination thing, and really needed to address that - as I most definitely could not vaccinate my pups with all those toxins. I had been raw feeding my dogs since 1996, but had new deeper insights about why and how it was the cornerstone of natural health for carnivore pets. I was going wholeheartedly, 100%, into raw feeding! I knew without a doubt that it was best.


I started to educate my customers about the use of colloidal silver, homeopathy, herbs as well as raw feeding in the treatment of their pets instead of conventional vet care that can be extremely expensive, and not always effective. The side effects from over vaccinating was taking a toll on our pets and the use of pharmaceutical drugs was increasing at an unprecedented rate. This was causing so many imbalances in the immune systems of our fur kids that they were suffering needlessly with more and more health issues.

My goal is helping pets to live a long, happy and healthy life, and to bring every moment of our lives together to its highest level. I absolutely LOVE what I do! I want you to be just as excited and enthusiastic as I am about pet care.

THE MISSION OF HOLISTIC PET CARE: Empowering Pet Parents To Raise Happy, Healthy, High-Vibe Pets

By raising immunity with colloidal silver for pets as well as educating about raising a naturally healthy pet without chemicals by increasing lifeforce.

I invite you to join our High Vibe Tribe and get on the journey with us-need support? -I will help you.

My background includes many years of holistic education, study and research, training, and lots of hands on experience in animal nutrition, animal naturopathy, homeopathy, TTouch, Healing Touch, massage for pets, behavioural psychology, toxin-free organic living, using and making colloidal silver, aromatherapy, herbology, growing organic herbs and flowers for herbal remedies, using crystals, frequencies, music tones and other advanced  technologies for healing and to raise the vibrations of products I create, and above all, invoking the power of positive thinking and keeping up the high vibe!

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I am not a veterinarian or nor do I offer anything regarding drugs or medicine. I am a certified small animal Naturopath, holistic health coach and a teacher. I do not profess to heal disease, but rather, offer information that can help you make educated decisions regarding the true health for your pet's well being. I am here to educate and inspire pet parents to raise healthy happy high-vibe pets. Helping others to provide a more natural and truly healthy environment for their dogs and cats. Again, I am not a health professional and do not claim that colloidal silver can treat diseases of any kind. According to the FDA only prescribed drugs administered by licensed physicians can claim healing of any kind. Please read our disclaimer here: DISCLAIMER