32 oz Colloidal Silver for Pets

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Our Colloidal Silver for pets is a very special product made in a "High Vibe" environment. After distilling filtered water to remove all the sediment and purifying it, the water is structured.  Structured water has many attributes. Probably one of the main attributes is it has a life force energy.  Also, high vibrational crystals are added to the water while playing WholeTones Healing frequencies in the production room.  When the water enters  the silver generators it is already 'tuned into a higher vibration'  When the Noble metal silver is added we bring in another healing element which is represented by the nutritive functions on a higher,  vibrational level.  Made with High-Quality Nano-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator (as low as .0008 microns in size.)

They believe it can channel positive energy into the patient.  When the water experiments of Dr. Emoto were done  they always observed beautiful crystals forming in the water after giving good words, playing good music, and showing, playing, or offering pure prayer to water. This concept is how we raise the vibration of our colloidal silver making it a better healing conductor in the body of our pets. 


While some manufacturers of Colloidal Silver make a point to say that their product be stored in only dark glass bottles, this is not the case for a quality produced colloidal silver such as the one we sell on Holistic Pet Care’s website. Actually many people don't realize this but colloidal silver plates out in glass, so the silver in the suspension is magnetized to the glass making what silver particles that are still suspended in the water less potent over a period of time.  The silver particles are attracted to the glass where this does not happen in high end plastic.
As far as viability goes.....It is only necessary to store it in glass when it is a protein fortified and inferior, unstable product. Colloidal Silver that breaks down when exposed to light or falls out of suspension when stored in plastic is inferior and is not recommended. Our Colloidal Silver for Pets does not have these issues and maintains it’s integrity for very long periods in PET Cobalt Blue bottles. So anyone saying you have to store in glass, either has not done their homework, or has an inferior product. 
 We are not licensed health professionals and do not claim that colloidal silver can treat diseases of any kind- according to the FDA only prescribed drugs administered by licensed physicians can claim healing of any kind.  See our Disclaimer here: (DISCLAIMER)


 Customers are always asking me about what is the best quality of colloidal silver. Honestly there is a lot of myths and mis-information out there on the internet about colloidal silver these days. There are many marketing ploys that surprise me every time I see them.