EMF Protection for Pets

EMF Protection for Pets

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Jan 19, 2023

Pet Parents need to help protect their pet's bodies from EMF's and the 5G frequency

We are so happy we found the team at Twisted sage and all their wonderful tools for not only transforming EMF's but for overall raising the vibration and frequency of the body and environment. 

Instead of blocking harmful EMFs Twisted Sage tensor tools transform all energies into something more beneficial. For those who are sensitive to electromagnetics, using our tensor tools allows them to freely be around cell phones and Wifi, without the adverse effects.

I purchased 5 infinite heart pendants for my 5 little fur kiddos to protect them from EMF and elevate their consciousness as well as a side bonus!  These come in silver or copper and is a perfect size for smaller dogs or cats.

They didn't know what changed with getting their pendants, but I'm sure they can feel the vibes!! I can see the difference in their overall calmness, well being and energy level.

The infinite heart  pendant creates healing and comfort for all your critters. May be fastened onto a collar with a split ring or fastening hook. 

For bigger dogs they also offer 'The Quantum Heart pendant' which is also considered a Personal Healer. The Personal Healer is helpful for many other concerns as well as EMF protection. 

This is why I now recommend twisted sage to many. The Tools they have are remarkable! 

I love, love, love their tools for raising consciousness as well as protection from EMF. 

I have gone a bit over the top for the offerings at Twistedsage. I have the cell phone tab on my mobile. It gives me confidence that the EMF's are being transmuted. I also put a tensor ring on the wi-fi router for the same reason. It doesn't stop there. I wear the Wisdom Wand pendant as well.  We also have the Golden fire generators, the Golden Fire wand and Light Wand and the Wisdom Wand in the shop as well as the water rings. 

All of this because I was interested in tensor rings to create the 4th phase of water for the colloidal silver we produce. Brian mentioned in the book about that, it's called "Dancing With Water." Needless to say, I bought several of the tools for refining the water that we made the highVibe silver with. That water with the tensor rings definitely tastes and feels smoother. To me the difference is really amazing and such a great addition to the HighVibes we are creating around here.

The Horse Harmonizer Tensor Ring is amazing. The energy is very palpable. The horses respond quickly, dropping their head, closing their eyes and sighing.

If you are interested please check out Twisted Sage and I hope you love their tools as much as I do!!  

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