Is Your Pet Just Living Or Living Well?

Is Your Pet Just Living Or Living Well?

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Nov 22, 2020

Many pet parents don’t consider that there is a BIG difference in just living and living well. The difference between just surviving and really thriving is the same is being in a state of low vibration or High Vibe! There’s a big difference between surviving and thriving, while many people seek thriving in their own lives but fail to set the same intention for their fur-babies.

In everything that we do to and with our pets and in every moment of their lives they are in a certain state of frequency, vibration as I call it.

 And the quality of that frequency, whether it's fabulous or challenging is defined by the way that they are taken care of by us for the most part - It's defined by their diet, their overall health care and the laws of nature.

The survival model is the one which a pet's body never reaches its full potential. Owners of these pets have a relationship with their veterinarian that is emotionally stressful and economically draining.


They end up with a broken heart and a pet who dies at 10 or 12 from one of several commonly diagnosed conditions. That's survival.

 Thriving happens when we're willing and able to intentionally create vibrant health in a pet.

There are millions of pet owners worldwide who no longer accept that their pet must follow the survival model.

We're seeing a growing movement of empowered pet parents who recognize it's their job to help their dog or cat thrive, to keep them ‘High Vibe’. 

That's my mission. I want to help pet owners make the best decisions to nourish their animal in a way that allows them to thrive be at their highest vibration, physically, mentally and emotionally. Which means removing all toxins, contaminates, vaccines, pesticides and household chemicals from their bodies and their environment. It also means feeding a species appropriate diet.


Skin & Coat – Is your pet’s coat shiny or dull? Do they regularly deal with ongoing skin issues? Give your dog or cat a soft coat that invites pets and snuggles. A clean soft, shiny coat says, “snuggle up and give me some love!” A natural, species appropriate raw, balanced diet will include all the essential vitamins and minerals your pet needs to have a naturally clean, soft, sweet smelling skin and coat.

 Digestive Health – is your dog or cat often dealing with digestive upsets? Vomiting or diarrhea? Give him or her the carefree tail-wagging that comes from feeling good. Upset tummies slow them down and can keep your dog or kitty from being high vibe. Add probiotics, prebiotics, which enhance digestion to their raw meat diet and remove all carbs, grains and veggies. Carnivores do better on a meat, bone and organ diet as nature intended.

Eyes, Teeth & Gums – Are their teeth white? Eyes bright? Gums pink without a red line with fresh, pleasant breathe? Give your pet a ‘high vibe’ smile with brighter eyes, and happier all over well being. Nothing beats clear, bright eyes looking up at you saying, “I love you” with a big smile. Eyes should be clear with no excess tearing. Teeth and gums should be clean with no inflammation. The calcium and phosphorus in the raw diet, especially in feeding raw meaty bones helps to support healthy teeth and gums.

Energy – Is your pet at the peak level of energy for it’s breed and age? Give them the energy they deserve and needs to keep up with the family. Chasing balls, going on long walks, and of course, an over-the-top greeting when you walk in the front door… there are many ways to see the energy your pet should have. Sometimes they need extra supplements to enhance their natural diet. But in general when our pets are really thriving their energy is natural up when it is time to go and they are relaxed when it is time to rest.
Immunity – Is your dog or cat sick more then they should be- it could mean low overall immunity. Give him the support he needs to feel like his playful self. A strong immune system means a more playful, energetic dog. We recommend the addition of colloidal silver to help maintain optimum health and disease resistance.

Whatever you do, don't get a pack of dogs ( or cats) and think they're going to entertain each other. Your dogs are relying on you for companionship, motivation, exercise, excellent nourishment, and mental and emotional stimulation. They really do need a lot of time and attention so if you can't offer those things, don't get a pet. 

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