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THE MISSION OF HOLISTIC PET CARE: Empowering pet parents to raise High Vibe, Healthy Pets

By raising immunity with colloidal silver for pets as well as educating

about raising a naturally healthy pet without chemicals by increasing lifeforce.

Thank you for your support, and your interest in caring for your pet the natural, holistic way!

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Colloidal Silver Gel - 8 oz pump

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We have researched all the other colloidal silver gels and cream out there are they all contain some type of preservative or acrylic ingredient (Carbomer and TEA)  that we do not feel is safe for a dog or cat to ingest. 

Our Colloidal Silver Gel For Pets is chemical free & is made with all natural ingredients. Completely Safe, Gentle and Natural for pets. 
Made with sclerotium gum which can be safely ingested.

An alternative to carbomer, and other synthetic agents of petrochemical origin which are typically used in gels.


Made With powerful natural Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal, Antimicrobial, Anti-Inflammatory ingredients. Nutrient rich with everything your pets’ skin needs to heal.

  • TREATS: Hot Spots, Mange, Insect Bites, Dermatitis, Abrasions, Itchy Skin, Wounds, Burns, Cuts, Dry Nose, Cracked Paws, Ringworm, Kitty Acne, Swelling, Sores. Promotes hair growth and cell regrowth.
  • ABSORBS MORE SLOWLY: Stays on and protects- No alcohols, mineral oils or harmful chemicals.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Steroid free. Works naturally with no harmful  side effects
  •  NATURES ANTIBIOTIC & ANTIMICROBIAL: A natural treatment and protector.  Helps relieve itching, soothes skin irritations, aids in restoring healthy skin and shiny coat, moisturizes and protects the irritated area.
  •  SAFE FOR YOUR PET: Non-stinging, if licked.  Contains no steroids, antibiotics or chloride ingredients.
  •  KEEPS YOUR PETS SKIN HEALTHY: Bacterial & fungal infections, skin irritations, wounds, girth itch, rain rot, mud fever, pigeon fever, land distemper, ear plaque, allergies, cracked hooves, mange, sweet itch, insect bites and other skin problems.
  •  100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- If you don't find this gel  to be effective and safe  then we will refund your money NO QUESTIONS ASKED. 
  • 8 Ounce PET cobalt blue plastic

Use as often as needed for treating your pets topical skin concerns. Itchy skin, flea bites, dermatitis, mange, virus warts, fungal infections, yeast infections, scaling, eczema, dandruff, hot spots and any other skin problems.

Apply to affected area 3-6 times

 Made with 35-50 PPM colloidal silver and  

If you are not satisfied with this product-return within 30 days for a refund!
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