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High Vibe Tribe

Join the 'High Vibe Tribe' of Super Natural Pet Care!


We are re-uniting the 'High Vibe Tribe'  for super natural pet care and tapping into our collective understanding of natural health for our dogs and cats.   


Hi- I'm Rhonda Jewel, owner and CEO of Holistic Pet Care LLC.  I studied and was certified to be a teacher of meditation and yoga in 2009. This was a final step in the clarity I found about how important our vibration is in keeping the body at it's peak in health.

 I  have been a holistic health practitioner since the early 1980's - studying health, consciousness, spirituality and holistic pet care. I have used all natural methods over the years and you can too, on any type of animal, as well as the human (peeps) in your family. The belief that I carry into my life and with my dogs is to live as ‘nature intends’  in everything we do. Following healthful practices makes life simple. It also helps me attune to my pets and our own needs. This way we are able to keep a higher vibration resulting in good lifelong health.  I have always had a strong vision for helping pets.  So I went to work to offer healthier, super natural methods of health care for dogs and cats.

Many teachers of yoga and consciousness speak about the importance of leaving behind our 'old, outdated tribal' identity. These are the 'memes' and beliefs that are currently in circulation that have never been removed from the program so to speak.  

It has been said that  this worn out tribal identity can keep us stuck in old limiting beliefs and thought forms.  One example is keeping ahold of old belief systems about how things are and always have been in regards to our pet health care system, or at least been this way for the past 50 years or so. 

Such as viruses being the cause of diseases and that nature is separate from us and our domesticated animal family. These limitations tell us how we need to feed our pets with scientific, prescription formulas that come from a bag on a shelf. ( how completely against nature is that idea!) That we should give monthly pesticides to our fur kids and how we MUST how we have to give them over 15 vaccinations by the time they are 1 year old or they will die of some horrible virus and other such nonsense. This is just wrong, outdated information in the  antiquated and conventional 'tribal' mindset.

Because the truth is, that no illness is ever due to a pathogen; that’s a misleading idea in conventional medicine. It is based on old assumptions. 

Truth says illness is always a conspiracy of improbabilities; that a vulnerable host falls prey to pathogens and dis-ease, due to a 'lower vibration' in the life force and low immune function. 

In order for our pets to not be a susceptible host, we must rise above fear-engendered responses about viruses and dis-ease that the conventional medical model of current memes and belief systems puts out for us to grab unto and adopt for our own belief system.  We change the way we are thinking about true health care for us and our pets. 

Keeping your pet in a high vibe state creates a healthy positive energy that promotes healing and makes them healthier on every level. This vital healing energy supports them physically, mentally and emotionally and makes your dog or cat's immune system much stronger.   Plus they will be so much happier. When the systems in your fur baby's body and their organs are healthy they have a high vibration. Scientists now tell us that when we are ill our vibrations are much lower, which is the same for our pets. 

However, the current medical model does not take into account lifeforce or energy.  They don't mention all the negative vibes that can add to the pet's lack of well being.  They are just about adding more low vibration chemicals to the mix with more vaccines to protect against more 'bad' things coming in from out there.  Never understanding that it all starts from within.  It is all about the fear that something, some pest or disease is going to attack your pet, so better give them chemicals to ward off sickness and disease.  This is all based on fear and old believes. 

If we ask our veterinarian about this idea of keeping our cat or dog on a 'higher frequency'- there response might be something like "hog wash" they need the vaccine to protect the immune system.   However, in the new model of natural health care, holistic vets are now saying  "vaccines do not protect, they actually destroy natural immunity." 

Unfortunately our old tribal model is proficient at fear-engendered responses.

Which is why some of us have left the old tribe a long time ago. I personally have not believed any of this old paradigm model for years. As a result I am rarely if ever sick nor are my fur kids. 

I know that there is a new Tribe that doesn’t hold us stuck in old paradigms us, but actually empowers us to new levels of consciousness and understanding about true health care for our beloved fur families.

This is where the ‘High Vibe’ Tribe of True Super Natural Pet Care comes in.   This is a group we can seek out help, ask questions and opt in to leverage the power of High vibrational tribal super natural consciousness of true health for our pets. We can have super healthy pets that never need conventional vet care!

We must be responsible pet owners and help our pets to be strong in the life force vibration and strong in their immunity through a species appropriate diet, following the natural laws of nature, having good energy in the home environment and minimally giving vaccines.  Learn how to prevent pests naturally and stop using chemicals on and around our fur family and ourselves. 


  This is your official invitation to take a good look at what your conventional pet health tribe is peddling and make a conscious new connection if it isn’t serving your highest interests. 


 My message for the 'High Vibe Tribe' of pet lovers:

 Many Pet Lovers no longer feel good about the offerings of the conventional veterinary system for their fur children. Drugs, pesticides, prescription kibble diets, all lower vibration.  Something is just not right with that picture of health. There is a new paradigm of pet health on the horizon.  We are the pioneers of that new dawn. Returning to nature for our medicine. 




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