Holistic Help Wanted


a HighVibe Pet lover that is creative, multi talented, social media and computer skilled person with a passion for natural health, wellness and futuristic frequency technology to assist me in my holistic pet care business. Someone that loves organizing, creating and coordinating.

Holistic, non-mainstream, alternative minded, herbal/homeopathic/naturopathy background preferred, spirituality oriented, Good Vibes Only!

Supplement your retirement income-or other gig. Looking for someone appx. 10 hours or a bit more a week- starting In May 2023 or so I am taking my time to find the 'right' match for me, the pack and my needs. So it is not happening right away, but as soon as I find that person we can start to talk about a training period etc. 

The job includes:

  • Inputting and managing inventory
  •  Mac computer work including some marketing and social media (would like you to have excel spreadsheet experience)
  • Some Marketing skills and ideas
  • All other aspects of this job and business including: 
  1. bottling
  2. labeling
  3. packaging
  4. shipping
  5. Learning more about the Holistic pet care techniques we teach about
  6. Learning more about our colloidal silver and highvibe methods used to create it

Must LOVE Dogs and Cats!  5 small dogs and 2 Bengal cats live here! 

My company, Holistic Pet Care LLC, a home based online business is looking to fill a unique position/paid apprenticeship/assistant in our holistic product production of colloidal silver for pets.

We are located on right on the edge of town in the West Eugene area, which is a nice setting with a garden and 5 small dogs.  With our focus on creating colloidal silver for pets, growing some herbs and gardens, as well as making some herbal and homeopathic products. 

I am looking for that special person or people to accommodate our production, help to grow the business, grow our brand, and helping with the  production of continuous batches of HighVibe Silver for pets.

For the passionate budding or experienced holistic minded, non-conventional thinking person this is an incredibly unique and rare opportunity to begin to work with a for a small, women based organic oriented company that aims educate pet parents about raising healthy, high vibe pets.

What we are prepared to offer to the right applicant is a paid part time job to start and real world experience and training in holistic pet care.

In turn, what we are looking for from an applicant is someone who is distinctly passionate about the holistic/organic lifestyle, who has the drive, fortitude, and physical ability to work a unique job with some lifting. We also hope that this person has the ability to work well  with myself and small dogs with a team, highVibe mindset. however also has the ability to work alone and self-directed for stretches of time, and has the flexibility to fill the many duties that this job requires.

The position will be part time around 8-12 hours per week depending on person and abilities- but could grow depending on skills( the actual days and times will be depending on what we work out- but it is typically M-W-TH 10-2 

Looking for someone that is fine with that amount of hours and isn't needing more or less. A retiree that has another source of income is ideal. I'd like someone that is able to make some type of commitment if they take the job, after a 30 day trial period, to stick around for the foreseeable future as well! 


While previous experience in holistic pet care is valued, we also recognize the intrinsic value in an equally-passionate pet person who is looking to learn. If all of this is calling your name, and you believe you could be a wonderful addition to this company after reading over our website- if you feel you resonate please contact me again for an interview. Please email with a letter about why you'd be the right person for this position.

Please fill out this application here:  HOLISTIC HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT APPLICATION  After filling out the application please email me to let me know you are interested in a Zoom interview and have filled out the online form. Thanks!  jewel@holisticpetcare.com 

Thank you and we look forward to a Zoom chat.