Frequently Asked Questions about Colloidal Silver For Dogs, Cats and All Pets

Frequently Asked Questions about Colloidal Silver For Dogs, Cats and All Pets

Sep 3rd 2020

What is colloidal sIlver best for and how much is ok to give?

Our Colloidal SIlver for Pets is the ideal natural immune booster and anti-microbial to help your pet deal with yeast, bacteria, wounds, viruses that may be affecting their overall well being. It is helpful for older pets dealing with multiple issues to kill off low lying pathogens to help their own natural immune system to take ahold. Colloidal silver is not dose specific. So the more virulent the pathogen, the more you give- it is very simple actually. You cannot overdose a pet or a person on our colloidal silver. Think of it like mineral water- but just one mineral- silver.

Can I use colloidal silver while I am using antibiotics on my pet?

Certainly! Colloidal silver has been proven to actually help the antibiotics be more effective. Don’t worry about giving it while your pet is also on a course of antibiotics.

However, colloidal silver can work as it’s own antibiotic but without the side effects and without the die off of gut bacteria. So definitely consider getting off the antibiotic, and continue giving probiotics and colloidal silver (at different times of day however) 

Is there any side effects from overdosing?

There are no side effects from too much nanoparticle colloidal silver. There was some issues with another type of silver protein made with a different method that taken in large amounts can cause greying or bluing of the skin over long term use. But with this method of brewing the silver there is no such thing as ‘too much’. Give more when there in a need and less for maintenance.

What happens if the colloidal silver freezes?

If you freeze CS, when you melt it the silver particles will sink to the bottom of the container and you will see what looks like a bit of gray dust at the bottom. That’s the silver particles that have fallen out of suspension. In the case of freezing, the particles don’t aggregate, they simply fall out of suspension. You can shake it up and still use it.

Is your High vIbe colloidal sIlver still nanosilver and what is the best PPM?

Yes it is. Our silver is a combination of nanosilver and ionic silver - We like to keep it in the range of 20 ppm for pets. When brewing colloidal or nanosilver, there is a limit to how much silver can be dissolved into a quantity of water before it reaches a certain saturation point. After this point, the silver particles begin to aggregate together because the water is saturated with silver particles. Although there is disagreement on exactly when this point is reached, it is generally considered to be at about 20-30 ppm. This saturation limit is affected by things like water pH, temperature, etc. Silver preparation products that are advertised as being 50, 100, 500 or even 1,000 ppm are not nanosilver. 20 ppm colloidal silver and 20 ppm nanosilver have the same amount of silver in them, but the nanosilver has many more particles of silver, which are just as lethal to microbes as the larger colloidal particles. These nanometer particles also go places the larger colloidal particles can't. Colloidal silver particles will float around in the bloodstream and will kill any pathogens they come in contact with. But viruses like to hide inside the cells in our pets bodies, and colloidal silver particles are too big to pass through the walls of the cells. However, nanosilver particles go wherever the water goes, which includes inside the cells in our bodies.

Does Colloidal silver kill off friendly bacteria in pets?

No CS doesn’t kill the ‘friendly’ bacteria in pets.( But we often recommend giving a probiotic to health compromised pets, and not at the same time as the silver.)

This is why: First, most of the CS is absorbed directly through the stomach lining, with not much getting down into the small intestine where the good bacteria live, and second, because CS works most efficiently in a liquid medium. The stomach removes a major part of the liquid from the food while in the stomach, so that what goes into the small intestine is quite thick, an oozy substance that seems to protect the good bacteria. There are probably other dynamics that we don’t know about. There is an experiment done from a man, Roger Altman. He wanted to see if silver accumulated at all in the body. He drank a quart per day of CS, and a participating medical doctor tested everything leaving Roger’s body for silver content. The testing showed that ALL of the silver left the body within 24 hours, which is why it is so safe. However an inadvertent finding was that a quart per day of CS didn’t affect Roger’s digestion in any way either.

Other FAQ about Dog & Cat Care

Can give colloidal silver to young kittens or puppies?

You bet. You can start giving colloidal silver to young puppies and kitties as early as a week or two. We recommend adding it to their drinking water to begin with to start building up natural immunity as soon as they first start eating and drinking.

Do you recommend raw feeding exclusively?

Yes, we do. For all carnivore pets which of course are dogs and cats. We recommend prey model feeding which includes whole raw meaty bones whenever possible.

What if I am not able to switch off kibble feeding?

We always recommend raw feeding for ultimate, high vibe health in all carnivore pets. Kibble feeding leads to health issues and so we do not suggest any types of kibble feeding.

Is there a way to stop giving vaccinations and pesticides?

Believe it or not, there is. Most dogs and cats are over vaccinated. Look into titering tests from Dr. Robb. Or just use nosodes from the beginning. We recommend adding colloidal silver to their water bowl at a young age to help with fighting off any viruses or bacteria they come into contact with while building natural immunity.

Can I add colloidal silver to my dogs food?

It is best to put the colloidal silver directly into the mouth of your pet so the mucous membrane epithelium cells can absorb the silver from the mouth without the food involved if possible.( also this is helpful to keep the plaque from growing on the teeth) 2nd best is to put it in their water bowl. 3rd- if there is no other option to get it into them, then yes, put it on their food.

Can I add colloidal silver to my dog or cats waterbowl?

Yes, you can your determine the dosage your pet needs by size and weight and add CS to day’s water supply in their water bowl. Use our dosage weight chart on this page here: