How to Raise Happy Healthy Dogs

How to Raise Happy Healthy Dogs

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Oct 2nd 2020

Everyone wants a happy, healthy dog! Right? 

Most dog parents think that the first thing to do is take their pups to the allopathic vet to help them be healthy.  The issue is these conventionally trained veterinarians are not trained in health, they are trained in disease. 

There are many dog people promoting conventional dog care, which includes all that...those supposedly necessary vaccines, pesticides, chemical drugs, microchips, vet recommended kibble brands and other unnatural methods that they will sell you on.

However, this method I am suggesting is by far the healthier, most natural way to raise dogs so that they will live a long disease-free life without the need for such ‘sterile’, unnatural and ultimately, unhealthy methods.

This natural dog care approach to raising a happy, healthy dog most likely started around the method coined by Juliette de Bairacli Levy, called 'Natural Rearing', which is described in her most well-read book called, "The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat". I got my first copy of this wonderful book 30 years ago, however it was first published over 50 years ago. Of course, it has evolved quite a bit since then into what I call the High-Vibe lifestyle: SuperNatural Dog care, one that doesn’t need or recommend regular vet visits, over-vaccination and monthly chemical pest treatments.

This way of raising pets inherently relies on building natural immunity and raising the overall vibration and frequency of the animal to make it an unlikely host for parasites, disease or even accidents.

This method of raising pups is what this website is all about.  Here I try to simplify it and chunk it down for those getting started and are willing to try this natural approach.

Those of us in the tribe of unconventional thinking understand that true health comes from within and are willing to provide our pets with the lifestyle that creates a “high frequency” state of being.

If you are only seeking the fastest, easiest way to care for your dog, then you’ll probably choose the conventional methods mentioned above. Because raising naturally and holistically is a lifestyle, a commitment. You can’t just pour kibble from a bag.

But really, if this is all new to you, consider trying out natural, holistic pet care. I hope I can help you learn more about why this way of pet care for dogs will keep your canine companion in a higher vibration that enables them to resist disease and maintain a perfect state of health and harmony in their bodies.

You will get a good understanding of why raw food, pure water, pack living, holistic health care, and a good exercise program are so important. (As well as sunshine and earthing, which is spending time in the soil and on the earth.) Also we are big on giving our dogs Colloidal Silver to enhance and support their natural immunity.  for  These are the basics for healthy pet care for dogs.

Read more of our blog posts on this website to find out the most important natural pet care keys to take into consideration.

If you take care of these requirements, you can be fully confident that you have done the right things for true health and fulfilled the basics of natural pet care for dogs. You will be sure to have a rewarding and long-lasting bond of health and love with your new best friend.