Why Switch To Holistic Pet Care?

Why Switch To Holistic Pet Care?

Posted by Holistic Pet Care on Sep 14, 2020

Why Switch to Holistic Pet Care? Think ‘Whole-ism’ Holistic is about treating your pet as a “whole!”

Instead of going after a specific problem with a drug or surgery for instance, meaning treating a single health issue as allopathic medicine does - the holistic, natural approach addresses the whole being’ to get to the cause of what is happening and creating the imbalance in the pets system. Which will in turn help to prevent further diseases, illnesses, and physical or mental pains if it is caught in time that is.

How does holistic pet care consider diet and nutrition?

Holistic pet care is all about treating the whole pet. The start and the cornerstone to health in the holistic approach is diet and what is going into the body. Which includes diet, nutritional supplements, water, chews etc.

Immune building/preventive care, daily outdoor time and play time, love and connection with their human and grooming as well are all part of holistic pet care.

SInce the holistic approach also tends to avoid the use of vaccinations, immunizations, pesticides, toxic household chemicals and non-natural drugs and medications (unless absolutely necessary due to emergencies, a pet’s age and other factors.) removing all of these is a big part of the process of going holistic and natural for your pet.

We hear a lot about toxins these days. We realize this is bad, possibly damaging to our dog or cat’s delicate system and maybe even poisonous to them.

Toxins alone can create a health issue. Or fast-track many health concerns that are just on the brink of becoming a crisis in people and pets.

These everyday toxins that can deeply affect our ‘fur children’s’ health, big time - as well as our own for that matter. Many of these everyday toxic substances are hidden, and we may be unwittingly contributing to the load of toxins our dogs and cats are being exposed to on a regular basis without us pet parents really noticing or being aware of it.

For instance: Everyday household cleaning products, shampoos, air fresheners and grooming products, certain kinds of treats and kibble, water they are drinking, pesticides, yard fertilizers, cigarette smoke, environmentally smoke, smog etc. and on and on.

While these kinds of toxins are bad for us, they can be even more overwhelming to our dogs for many reasons.

First of all our canine companions are usually much smaller than we are, with smaller organs of elimination. When exposed to these kinds of toxins, their smaller bodies have to work that much more to eliminate them, than a bigger human does. Often they are much more sensitive to these things than we are all and experience a toxic reaction that we are not even aware of.

Secondly, our carnivore pets have a much shorter life span than we do. So everything is super accelerated in their body. They don't have the extra time that we have to eliminate all those toxins gradually as us longer lived human beings do. Everything is much more in the NOW for them.

Unfortunately dogs and cats can't tell us what they are experiencing. 

They cannot talk or communicate to let us know when something in their diet is going into their body that is making them feel bad.

They can't change it. They can’t ask to switch to a healthier diet or get rid of that household cleaner that irritates them and causes their skin to itch.

Since we are in charge of our pets' everything, they depend on us 100% to remove toxins they are dealing with on a daily basis.

So what can you do to minimize the toxins in your pets' lives and help them eliminate the toxic load they have in their bodies?

Of course a great start is with replacing cleansers and grooming products, transitioning to a raw diet, eliminating drugs, pesticides, vaccines from their routine health care, using natural supplements like colloidal silver to boost immunity.  

There are many articles on this website including our Holistic e-book for more information about how to transition to a holistic pet care routine and lifestyle for your fur family! 

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