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How To Make Colloidal Silver

how-to-make-colloidal-silver-.pngMaking your own colloidal silver is something many of our customers ask us about since it is a fairly straightforward compound to make. Some of our customers do have many pets or are running a shelter so I do often say, make your own silver. I have known people making the cheap type of CS using 2 - 9 volt batteries.  This is not what I would recommend as it is just a bit questionable. 


You have to get a good generator from a good known source. Colloidal silver made from cheap silver generators can produce low quality, poorly made homemade colloidal silver, with a lack of purity,  with the right concentration of silver, possible too big of particle size, and not enough particle charge.


However, since the components are easily sourced and you can make your own silver with a good quality small colloidal silver generator, a good water distiller and silver wire that is 99.99% (.9999) pure silver.


Getting distilled water from the grocery store can have impurities and bits of plastic leaching into the water before you buy it. So you would definetely need to distill your own water. 


Let’s start with the type of water you use.

To make high quality, safe colloidal silver, you must have the purest water possible. You absolutely cannot use basic tap water, but the purest distilled water you can get. I do not recommend the water you buy in the grocery stores as while that water may be distilled, it is stored in cheap plastic for months, leaching cheap plastic into the water.

Silver will tend to react with anything, minerals or chemicals in the water. Having ultra-pure water is critically important, so the silver doesn’t react until it is in your body.

You can find the small distillers on amazon on ebay for a fairly affordable price, but I recommend for a good distiller. 

 Next a good Generator

Getting a good generator can be found for $200-$300 or so - I have recommended to my customers to check out THE SILVER EDGE for a good little generator. He also sells the silver rods as well.  Steve Barwick is a wealth of information on making colloidal silver and for those that want to make your own this is a good place to start.

The Silver Wire


The silver wires should be 12 gauge 99.99% or .9999 pure silver wire. There are several good sellers of silver wire on the internet. Typically he silver wire can be purchased by the foot.  You'll need at least few feet of it since you will require 2 wires about 6-12 inches in length depending on your container and you will go through the silver wires depending on how frequently you make your batches of colloidal silver.

The Concentration/PPM


Another important factor in making your own colloidal silver is knowing the concentration of silver in the water. The parts per million.  Many people use a TTS meter, however, these are not very useful in measuring the silver in the water.  With The Silver Edge they basically tell you to brew it for a certain amount of time to get 10 PPM or double that to get 20 PPM.

PPM is the common way of measuring the amount of silver that has been generated into the distilled water.

In actuality it is the total combined weight of silver ions and particles suspended in the water. 

it does not indicate the actual number of particles. PPM can only truly be measured by a scientific laboratory using thousands of dollars worth of specialist equipment.

No hand-held meter can really measure PPM accurately. Which means that the hand-held ECM and TDS meters are a guide only.

They really only measure the electrical conductivity (EC) of the water. Silver ions make the water more electrically conductive. The EC or PWT (Pure Water Tester) will give a reading of microsiemens, which is the unit of electrical conductivity.

The TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter also just measures conductivity but then uses an inbuilt conversion factor to give a readout that (when doubled) is accepted as a reasonable approximation of the PPM. 

So if you are up for making your own colloidal silver do your research and get the best equipment you can find.  For pet parents with a household of pets or for those running a shelter for dogs and cats this might be your best bet.