Colloidal Silver for Cats

Colloidal Silver for Cats

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Aug 23, 2021

While the conventional veterinary health care system is proficient at treating disease, most vets know very little about promoting and maintaining health in cats beyond diagnosing, surgery and prescribing drugs. Allopathic veterinarians rarely prescribe or discuss ways to naturally care for our felines. So most cat parents cannot rely on their vet for holistic help.

Luckily there are many wonderful holistic cures and natural health treatments that are totally safe, easy to use and actually really work! Colloidal silver for cats is at the top of my list in the category of natural, holistic cat care.

colloidal silver for cats

Colloidal silver for cats is helpful for treating over 650 bacterial pathogens, which includes most viruses and fungi as well.

How does it work? 

It encapsulates the offending organisms and removes their oxygen source without damaging the surrounding healthy cells, killing them dead in their tracks.

Viruses, bacteria and fungi are very quickly stopped from replicating when colloidal silver is introduced. It almost instantly stops the growth of one-celled microorganisms, preventing them from being able to reproduce.

Is Colloidal Silver Safe For Cats?

Yes!  Colloidal silver for cats is an extremely safe and natural antibiotic to treat all sizes and ages of felines, including very young kittens. CS can be used both internally and externally, to attack the germ from the inside out and the outside in.

Colloidal Silver is Just Amazing!

It's amazing for treating cats because it addresses so many health concerns all in one. Plus it does not have much taste or smell to alarm cats, who are very picky about smell and tastes. In addition, it is not risky or harmful in any way when you spray it or dab it straight onto their fur.

In the case where your kitty cat has that dreadful occurrence of a bacterial infection, a virus of some kind, or a nasty fungal skin condition, colloidal silver can be used safely without concern about side effects down the road.

While some essential oils are safely used on dogs and other animals as an effective natural treatment for combating certain health concerns, most of those EO’s should not be used on felines.

But, luckily, holistic pet professionals say you can use colloidal silver for cats without any concern. However, what about allopathic, conventional veterinarians? What do they say about using colloidal silver for cats?

Nothing! They most likely have no information about how to use colloidal silver for cats as they are not educated about using most natural treatments that are not allopathic drugs. So they might tell you  that you shouldn’t give it them or it could be dangerous. 

Why do conventional vets not tell you about colloidal silver? 

For one of two reasons: either they just don’t know a thing about it, or they don’t want to let the “cat out of the bag”. Big Pharma is afraid of us holistic health people and our safe products.

Not only that, CS is very affordable compared to veterinary drugs and medications. It is completely non-toxic (it is a mineral - a noble metal) and very easy to administer to your cat. The best way I found is to substitute it for their drinking water. Give it to them in a very small bowl. Some will actually lap it from the tip of an eyedropper as well.

Colloidal Silver for cats is a natural, organic product known for its fast results, as well as for its affordability and versatility! This multi-purpose product has a wide variety of uses and applications.

It can be used as a preventative and immune booster, a cure for wounds, abscesses, and injuries, as well as many other well-known feline diseases.

A few of the most commonly asked questions are:

  1. Can cats have colloidal silver?
  2. How much colloidal silver for cats is ok to give?
  3.  Does colloidal for cats have side effects? 

    And the simple answers are: Yes cats can have colloidal silver and since it is not dose specific they can have as much as they need to feel better and heal.  Plus the bonus is there are no side effects! 

    Colloidal silver actually has no side effects, with the exception of a rare condition that turns the skin blue, called argyria, which occurs after using a certain type of silver compound in very high doses over a very long period of time. This has only happened to humans using a silver protein, which is not the type we recommend for use in pets.

    Colloidal Silver Dosage For Cats

    There’s one thing you have probably noticed about felines when they are not feeling well. They like to self-medicate. 

    They will do this if they have access outside to a variety of healthy, non-sprayed plants and grasses. When they are not feeling right they somehow know instinctively what they need.

    Many cat owners offer colloidal silver to their cats in a small bowl alongside their water, or instead of their water. Typically if they need it they will just lap it right up.

    If they don’t like to drink much water you can try letting them lick it off an eyedropper. If that is not working either, then you may have to put it on their food or give it straight into the mouth with an oral syringe.

    For virulent diseases we recommend a dosage of one oral syringeful (10ml) three to seven times per day for ten days, then a syringeful twice per day for four more days. Some ailments require more aggressive treatment. In most cases the more you can get in them, the faster the healing takes place. Do not be afraid of giving too much.

    Colloidal Silver Uses for Cats

    Colloidal silver for cats is a wonderful natural remedy for a variety of conditions in our fur babies. Many of us “peeps” also use colloidal silver for ourselves for a variety of health concerns. It is a safe, low-cost and effective treatment for our human children as well as our fur kids. Colloidal silver has been used to successfully treat cats and dogs for many years.

    The list of what you can use colloidal silver for with cats is varied and lengthy, but here are some of the common uses: 

    • Feline acne
    • Eye infections
    • Tear stains
    • eye infections
    • Ear infections
    • Rodent ulcers
    • Teeth issues including gingivitis and stomatitis (see more below)
    • Wounds and Cuts
    • Helps eliminate parasites
    • stomach ailments
    • Yeast infections
    • Skin Rashes
    • Moist dermatitis
    • Acral lick dermatitis
    • MRSA
    • FeLV infection/ FIV
    • Food Preservation
    • Feline herpes

    Colloidal silver for cats is an exceptional alternative to both over-the-counter medicines, pharmaceutical antibiotics and prescriptions given to your cats. It can be administered to your kitty instead of water, in an oral syringe or in her food, or even applied directly to her skin or fur a few times a day so she will lick it off.

    Although there is said to be no medical cure for FIV or FeLV infection, (FIV-positive cats are considered to be infected for life). Some cats infected with FeLV may revert to a FeLV-negative status with use of regular treatments of colloidal silver and other holistic health care protocols, including a change to a species-appropriate diet. 

    Once again, on colloidal silver for cats dosage:  For more virulent diseases we recommend a dosage of one oral syringeful (10ml) three to seven times per day for ten days, then a syringeful twice per day for four more days. Some ailments require more aggressive treatment. In most cases the more you can get in them, the faster the healing takes place. Do not be afraid of giving too much.

    This is contrary to other sites I have seen on the internet which say to give a couple of drops. This is nonsense. More than a few drops are needed to wipe out an infection. Do not be nervous about dosing heavily for a chronic or acute condition that needs serious attention.

    This is the dosage for most conditions that are severe enough to require immediate attention. Of course, if it is a life-threatening condition, get your cat to the emergency vet ASAP! 

    Colloidal Silver For Cats Eyes and Ears

    A colloidal silver-soaked cotton ball makes an excellent eyewash for cats with eye infections. 

    Many of the Persians are especially disposed to eye infections and tear staining and must have their eyes treated on a daily basis. Using colloidal silver gives that extra antibiotic safeguard and immune boost. (Also for tear-staining make sure to only give filtered water or even distilled water for drinking water.)

    Several drops of colloidal silver in your cat’s ears is a safe, fast and effective way to treat ear infections. There's no reason to rush off to the veterinarian for ear issues, or to use chemical, expensive pharmaceutical ointments and antibiotics. A few doses a day of colloidal silver can usually take care of the problem in a few days.

    Mouth and Gum Problems

    Colloidal silver is a great treatment option for stomatitis. It can be applied topically to the gums or given orally to cats. That is, if you can get them to take it. As I mentioned above, but worth mentioning again, CS is practically tasteless and odorless to cats, which is a big deal since cats are often very fussy about what they will tolerate.

    Feline stomatitis is a common and very nasty problem for any cat to be dealing with. If your kitty is drooling and uncomfortable and doesn’t want to eat, it might be stomatitis.

    This is one of the many consequences of the current and conventional approach to cat health care.

    Although it sounds like it would be a stomach issue, stomatitis is actually the inflammation of the mouth, for anyone not familiar with this common health concern with felines.

    The symptoms include irritated gums, redness and swelling of any surface inside the mouth. It is super-uncomfortable, and even painful for the cat to eat. Your cat might want to eat, but after a bite or two, will just leave it and hide, as if the food is to blame.

    When you try to look inside your cat’s mouth, she will fight it. It is so painful to the touch, they don’t want anyone messing around in there. This can make it more difficult to give colloidal silver. See if she will drink it out of an eyedropper or from a small bowl.

    It really needs to be treated as a secondary infection, or an ulcer can start up inside the mouth, making it even more difficult to treat.

    Colloidal silver is extremely effective against periodontal disease: but give enough!

    Treat any and all of your kitty cat's mouth and dental concerns as well as stomatitis with colloidal silver, as much as you can get into them. Seriously! Large doses are the secret to these issues. DO NOT be concerned about giving too much. Trust me. It is not going to hurt them. Don’t listen to all these other posts saying give 3-5 drops. What? That might be enough for a small baby rodent.

    Fight gingivitis, red gums, and plaque buildup by applying colloidal silver directly to the kitty’s teeth and gums, either with an oral syringe, or a gauze pad or soaked cotton ball.

    This may require wearing protective gloves. Cats are often not that cooperative. You might first try to get them to just drink it on their own instead of water.

    Stomatitis and gingivitis are closely linked. Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums, most noticeably where the teeth and the gums meet. If the gingivitis is not addressed, the infection can extend to the rest of the cat’s mouth and even into the back of the throat, when it then becomes stomatitis, an even worse condition. So do treat it asap!

    Colloidal Silver For Cats UTI

    Cats are very prone to getting urinary tract infections (or UTI's) and colloidal silver is one of the only treatments that works to clear them up. Again, give enough. This is about 5-7 x a day. A 10ml syringeful each daily if possible, or let them drink as much as they want. Substitute their water bowl for a small bowl of silver water. Just give a little at a time so they drink it up. If they are not drinking you will need to give it by oral syringe. Ahh...poor kitty!

      Give frequent doses of colloidal silver for cats uti orally to treat all types of feline urinary disorders, including Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) or Feline Urologic Syndrome (FUS).

    Although most conventional vets prescribe a round or two of antibiotics, my advice as a Holistic Health Practitioner for pets is to avoid using antibiotics if you can treat with colloidal silver-although there are times when conventional treatment is needed.  Giving silver with antibiotics if there are absolutely necessary can help boost the effectiveness of the antibiotics.   

    Antibiotics are known to kill bacteria. All bacteria. That means not only the bad bacteria causing illness, but also the good bacteria needed in your cat’s gut for proper digestion and a healthy immune system.

    Colloidal silver on the other hand is not going to make it to the lower intestine in order to kill the helpful bacteria.

    I understand that in certain situations an antibiotic can be beneficial for treatment in extreme cases, but mostly it will do more harm than good in your cat's fragile system. It is just going to compromise the kitty’s immune system, making it easier for other worse illnesses to start up, and allowing antibiotic-resistant microorganisms to take ahold.

    The wonderful advantage to using colloidal silver is that it doesn't kill off the beneficial bacteria like antibiotics do.

    Anyway, whenever your cat is sick, just put a bowl of colloidal silver out next to her water bowl or substitute the silver for water all together. Typically cats knows what is good for them and will drink the silver water rather than drinking from their water bowl.

    Don't worry about your cat turning blue either!

    Colloidal silver for cats kills pathogens fast! Your kitty cat will be back in action in no time at all if you are consistent and patient with getting enough colloidal silver into them to kill the pathogen. 

    There is something about colloidal silver that most cats just love. It cures their infections very quickly and they seem to know this innately, so given a  chance to drink it on their own they usually do.

    You can feel self-assured giving colloidal silver to your cat in combination with other medications from your veterinarian since there are no harmful side effects or drug interactions. Oh....and in spite of what you might have read elsewhere about the side effects of silver turning you blue, that is not going to happen!  

    So please don't worry about your cat turning blue either!  It is safe for cats and they will love you for the way they feel better after drinking  Colloidal Silver. 

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