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Hi. I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Rhonda Jewel, owner and CEO of Holistic Pet Care LLC.    

Believe me, I know how confusing it can be when it comes to deciding what is best for your dog’s or cat’s health care. I too have been baffled by information and advice from veterinarians, even though I wanted to believe in them.

Today, I realize that much of their well-meaning advice was not helping my dogs and was even detrimental in some cases. This type of “health care”, also known as “‘medical treatment”, was actually making my dog sick. She had reactions to vaccines that were scary, to say the least!  

Although I have been into holistic health since my early twenties, I was very concerned about how to handle the health certificate I needed to go back to the USA from Canada with my Pomeranian puppy, Juniper. I took her to a local vet to get some advice.juniperberry.jpg

I was surprised by his suggestions and shocked at all the vaccinations he recommended. He wanted to give her sixteen vaccines and spay her by the time she was six months old. I immediately questioned the wisdom of his approach.

I deeply considered this quote that Dr. Patricia Jordan, an animal naturopath, has on her website:  

When our animals get sick, we don't ask what THEY did wrong, we ask what WE did wrong."

~Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms

This was my big epiphany: The choices I make for my dogs will affect them their entire lives. Positively or negatively.  

Around this time, I discovered the immune-boosting power of colloidal silver for pets.  I realized it was the key to saying no to the vaccine protocol the vet was trying to sell me.

iphoto-library.jpgSince childhood, my career goal had been to be a veterinarian. I’ve always had animals, every kind imaginable. I wanted to be an animal healer.

That is, until I realized what it really means to be a veterinarian.  Veterinary training was not done in my style. It went against everything I knew to be the truth. Yes, they do know about disease diagnosis, drugs, vaccines and surgery. All of which I call “low-vibe” approaches.  

I wanted to know about health and wellness. To me, being a healer was about raising vibration and frequency to keep the cells and bodily systems in harmony so an animal would be in its best possible condition. I embarked on the career path of holistic health. Forty years later, I believe in this approach more strongly than ever.

My goal was to learn and share about “High-Vibe” pet care. It’s animal care with heart and meaning.  Pet care with wellness at the center, not just treating symptoms. A health protocol that comes from nature will not give our pets side effects, as drugs and chemical treatments always do, whether they manifest now or later.

I remembered Dr. Emoto’s experiments with water. I reflected on the connection between disease and frequency levels. As the pieces came together, it was clear that our animals connect with their environment very deeply, and with their owner’s frequency as well.

My first start as a holistic pet care business in 1997 began after taking a year long certification program in Veterinary Homeopathy. I started out in Ashland, Oregon helping people’s pets with raw foods, herbs and homeopathy. This was before the internet was so popular.  However, even then I had come to learn about raw foods for humans and pets, and that the vibration level of these raw foods was alive, not dead, that is, cooked and de-natured.

So after getting my little Pomeranian, Juniper in 2011, it all started to come full circle. I most definitely could not vaccinate her with all those toxins. I was going wholeheartedly, 100%, into raw feeding! I knew without a doubt that it was best. I went to work studying again. The online version of “Holistic Pet Care”  was born in 2013, after discovering the amazing beneficial effects of colloidal silver for pets.  

With over twenty years of practical experience in animal holistic health, I had the knowledge and understanding to help animal owners follow the health-giving path I’d discovered. I’ve since shared my knowledge of natural and holistic animal care with pet owners all over the country. I am well-versed in the preventive, natural health care of animals through proper species-appropriate nutrition and other natural and holistic healing modalities. In 2016, I refreshed my knowledge by taking a year-long, in-depth course of study in naturopathic animal care.  

rhonda-2-sm.jpgMy background includes many years of education, study and research, training, and  lots of hands on experience in animal nutrition, animal naturopathy, homeopathy, TTouch, Healing Touch, massage for pets, behavioral psychology, toxin-free organic living, using and making colloidal silver, aromatherapy, herbology, growing organic herbs and flowers for herbal remedies, using crystals for healing and to raise the vibrations of products I create, and above all, invoking the power of positive prayer.  

My mission is helping pets to live a long, happy and healthy life, and to bring every moment of our lives together to its highest level. I absolutely LOVE what I do! I want you to be just as excited and enthusiastic as I am about pet care.

I invite you to join our High Vibe Tribe and get on the journey with us-have support-I will help you. 

Contact me here: CONTACT