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5 Proven Benefits of Colloidal Silver for Cats

Dec 14th 2020

Colloidal Silver is a natural, organic product with a a wide variety of uses and applications.

It's known for its fast results and has no side effects.

Here are 5 Proven Benefits of Colloidal Silver for Cats.

1. Immune Booster - As a preventative and immune booster, helps to fight off low lying pathogens.

2. Treats Diseases - Known to help with Feline Stomatitis, Urinary Tract Infection / Kidney Issues, Rodent Ulcers.

3. Eye Issues - Cats are predisposed to eye infections and tear staining and when there is an eye issue, they must have their eyes treated on a daily basis. Using colloidal silver gives that extra antibiotic safeguard and immune boost.

A colloidal silver-soaked cotton ball makes an excellent eyewash for cats with eye infections.

4. Cuts & Skin Issues - Can disinfect and treat cuts, wounds, abscesses, stomach ailments, skin rashes.

5. Preventative for Kittens - Can build natural immunity to kitten diseases along with a holistic immune boosting program.

Many cat owners offer colloidal silver to their cats in a small bowl alongside their water, or instead of their water.

Typically if they need it they will just lap it right up. If they don’t like to drink much water you can try letting them lick it off an eyedropper.

Cats get fast and almost immediate relief with colloidal silver.

Give it a try and see how you can improve your cat's health with Colloidal Silver.

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