​About Colloidal Silver and DMSO For Eye Issues in Pets

​About Colloidal Silver and DMSO For Eye Issues in Pets

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Aug 27, 2021

DMSO and Colloidal Silver- An incomparable match! We love using these two together for a number of reasons but first let's look at what they each do separately.

DMSO—dimethyl sulfoxide—is a unassuming by-product of the wood industry. It has been called a “miracle” treatment, has been shown to alleviate pain, reduce swelling, decrease inflammation, incite healing, and restore normal functioning overall.

DMSO has been found very effective in the treatment of many incapacitating illnesses and health-issues. 

DMSO is currently being studied as an alternative cure for innumerable inflammatory conditions including eye issues such as eye ulcers, cataracts in people and pets as well as for other more debilitating diseases such as cancer. 

DMSO eye drops has been used with great success to clear cataracts of the eyes. Which was another huge plus for the use of DMSO for eyes with people as well as pets.

DMSO is one of the safest natural compounds to have been used in medicine in the last century. In countries all around the globe, medical doctors use DMSO to treat a wide range of health conditions.

Dr. Stanley Jacob at the University of Oregon Medical School noticed that DMSO healed burn victims and stopped scar tissue from forming.

After publishing his results way back in 1963, DMSO treatment and research took off like crazy.

It makes sense rationally, that an ingredient that can inhibit scar tissue from forming, could also be able to dissolve any present scar tissue- or at least soften it. With this ability DMSO proved to be a wonder compound.

In DMSO: Nature’s Healer, book, by Dr. Walker – he mentions documented cases of DMSO amazing results in preventing and healing a multitude of health problems.

DMSO will transport immediately into the cells everything it comes in contact with, which is why it works together with colloidal silver like magic.

However, DMSO is much more than just a transporter—it’s a powerful and effective healer on its own and an excellent anti-inflammatory that helps relieve any type of pain, especially joint and muscle pain.

DMSO can help with everything from cancer, multiple sclerosis, shingles, fibromyalgia, cirrhosis of the liver, MS, arthritis, brain injuries, diabetes, cataracts, eye ulcers and other eye problems and even dementia have been treated and improved with the use of DMSO.

Yet as crazy as it is, in the U.SA., DMSO has only been federally approved to be used as a remedy for interstitial cystitis, which is a chronic bladder infection. It is also used as a preservative for transplant organs. This is the reason it cannot be patented, and a reason that big Pharma doesn’t talk about it.

In spite of the hush hush, due to not be patentable the same as colloidal silver in that regard, DMSO is an incredible compound that can be used in many different ways to help a pet become healthier. Especially in combination with colloidal silver.

A Number of Ways Colloidal Silver With DMSO is Awesome! 

  1. Colloidal Silver by itself is a natural and powerful broad spectrum antibiotic and anti microbial.  Basically: A skilled microbe killer on it's own.  
  2. CS also works as an outstanding antiseptic, as well as an antifungal and has amazing disinfectant properties.
  3. In addition to having antibiotic properties, it is safe in eyes for healing eye issues.
  4. Colloidal silver has a special ability for killing microbes and keeping them out of your pets system.
  5. Since several types of diseases spread through the release of microbes, exterminating of these microbes is vital to stopping these health concerns in their tracks. Then helping to supercharge your pets immune system.
  6. However, elimination of these disease causing pathogens is sometimes challenging because very few substances can penetrate the interior of the cell wall where they like to hide out. This is where DMSO comes in.
  7. With DMSO it increases the effectiveness of colloidal silver on it’s own in certain situations.
  8. In a very sensational new study, some encouraging examination is being done on colloidal silver and DMSO in combination.
  9. The DMSO acts as a “vehicle” to carry the silver into the pathogenic cells, according to the Independent Cancer Research Foundation article, “DMSO/Colloidal Silver Protocol for Cancer.”

As long as these pathogens are within a cell, they are:

  • Extremely difficult to reach as they hide in places that medicines cannot reach
  • Keep the cell from resuming its normal, high vibe state
  • This is where DMSO becomes so esteemed.
  • With its capability to increase cell penetrability, DMSO can take the colloidal silver into the interior of your pet’s cells, where these nasty pathogens hideout.
  • Once transported through the cell barrier by the DMSO, the colloidal silver can destroy pathogens skulking around and hiding out within.

This Awe-inspiring Duo -  DMSO/COLLOIDAL SILVER targets microbes like a guided missile would.

DMSO and Colloidal Silver work so potently in combination that R. Webster Kehr, author of the original guide to the treatment protocol, described the duo as “designed by a higher power to target cancer cells like a guided missile.”

DMSO’s ability to penetrate tissue rapidly (and carry other substances into the tissues) that makes it so effective as an eye treatment.

DMSO eye drops

Colloidal Silver for cataracts /w added DMSO works for cloudy eyes, ulcers and many other types of corneal ulcers, and eye infection type issues. DMSO for cataracts is most often used at 10%-30% in colloidal silver, applied 2-3 times a day, and can be used in conjunction with castor oil eye drops at night.

Don’t use DMSO full strength. It needs to be mixed with colloidal silver. A 10 to 30% solution of DMSO to 70% colloidal silver. Never above a 40% solution for in the eyes.

Like Visine, It stings a little for about half a minute.


Many doctors have reported positive results with a 40% DMSO solution applied to the eye with an eye dropper. When this treatment is done usually one drop is applied in each eye once a day. This can be done for all problems involving vision or pain in the eyes. When the DMSO is applied there is normally a stinging sensation in the eye for 30 or 40 seconds. This is no cause for worry. Normally after the very brief stinging the eyes will feel better than before the treatment. DMSO has also been used successfully to treat vision problems of the elderly. One Los Angeles area doctor reported that several patients were able to more easily read fine print after only one week of using 40% DMSO eye drops.

DMSO has proven very effective in the treatment of fungus infections and other infections of the skin.

The hair growth has also been observed in animals treated with DMSO. Cats that had suffered severe hair loss in a few instances had the hair grow back completely when treated with a topical lotion containing DMSO. Other cats, which had not lost hair, had thicker hair on areas treated with DMSO.

The primary reason is that DMSO being an excellent vasodilator, dilates the small capillaries in the scalp. There is then increased blood supply to the roots of the hair. Needed nutrients are then brought to the hair follicles allowing the growth of hair to begin again.

Doctors who use DMSO in their medical practice frequently use DMSO along with antibiotics to treat infections. However, the treatment and the results of the treatment are usually not written up or publicized. 

One of the major benefits of DMSO is its ability to greatly reduce pain.”

FAQs about DMSO for Eye Issues in Pets

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