Are Vaccinations Necessary?

Are Vaccinations Necessary?

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Mar 30, 2022

Aren’t the recommended vaccines supposed to “safeguard” our fur kids from contracting a virus or dis-ease?

That is what we are told and what we have all been brainwashed into believing over all the years we have had pets. But where is the proof that they actually work?

There is no true proof actually. Investigate it for yourself…

In fact, more and more, dogs are having issues with allergies, itchy and/or infected ears, yeast infections, UTI’S, digestive problems, IBS, autoimmune diseases, organ failure, skin problems, arthritis, bone disease, neurological problems, cancer and premature death Why?

If one is to study the history and vet records on dogs, you would find that the one common denominator they all have in common is that they have all been faithfully being vaccinated and given a regular booster. The majority of them have also been fed a processed diet for the most part.

The Truth

The biggest predicament is that vaccination often leads to diminishing viability of the immune system and the pets’ DNA is compromised. Thus, the overall health of the canine and feline population is genetically in trouble all around.

Veterinarians are also confronted with a dilemma when dealing with acute diseases, most of which are brought on due to inappropriate nutrition – which they are in fact doing, they are guilty of the promotion of processed, commercial pet food.

On top of this the very vaccines they advocate for all puppies and kittens and say that it is necessary to “protect” them, are compromising their health as well. However, what is actually going on in the veterinary medical system is the substitution for a lifetime of chronic dis-ease and need of ongoing veterinary treatment just to see our beloved pet die an early and predictable death.

Vaccinosis or ‘vaccine induced disease’ is widespread

Vaccinosis is a disease in itself. Which is initiated through vaccinating our pets. Once vaccinosis progresses, there is an interruption in the pet’s vital force that leads to an out of balance condition with lower frequencies. This state creates symptoms of chronic disease that can be very challenging and often impossible to completely heal.

Most honest veterinarians will tell you, especially if they have been in practice for 10 years or more, that the issues mentioned above are out of control. Ask them what they see in the pets they are treating on a daily basis.

The allopathic veterinary industry does not teach how to keep your pet well or what health care actually is. They are taught disease control through surgical methods and drugs. Vets know how to palliate or suppress the symptoms, however, most of them are not able to cure or return the dog or cat to true health.

Always, the same treatment and drugs are prescribed. Antibiotics and steroids. and it is typically be just a matter of weeks or a month or two and the pet is back needing for another medication because, the puppy or now mature dog began to be itchy or sick, having the very same symptoms only worse, as soon as the medicine prescribed ran out.

Eventually they will be diagnosed with having allergies or food intolerances. This is typical vaccinosis symptoms. So, prescribe more or stronger medications. a few years could go by with the same animals brought to the vet at least once a month with continued and worsened health problems.

By the time these dogs or cats are 4 to 6 years old they are often in organ failure or having regular seizures or have thyroid imbalance, diabetes and/or cancer.

Conventional medicine is unable to remedy the problem. The pet’s immune system had been completely compromised from earlier vaccinations and inappropriate diet, typically which is processed kibble and or canned, wet food. which were constantly endorsed by the vet and fed to the dog or cat even in the pet’s compromised health condition.

Is it Politically Correct to Mass Vaccinate?

In an effort to regulate a naturally occurring process of population control and survival of the fittest, the conventional veterinary and medical system has convinced people that mass vaccination is for the good of all! Ignoring the health of the individual. Or teaching how to actually be healthy and support the immune system to overcome illness naturally.

While we have all been told through mass media and those in authority and convinced into believing that vaccinations have eradicated or reduced the incidence of severe, acute disease and viruses, the actual truth in reality, is just the opposite – they have only served to lower the natural immunity in our animals and actual cause more chronic diseases that lower the quality of life for our pets as well as people.

The best way to have vital health and a strong immune system is by feeding a species appropriate, raw diet, rich in natural occurring nutrients that are easily digested and assimilated (raw meat, organs and bones for the carnivores), while side-stepping vaccinations and allopathic medications.

Finally, the choice to vaccinate or not to vaccinate resides with the pet parent who has accepted responsible ownership and lifetime care of their beloved pets. That decision is not up to the veterinarian you go to. Some veterinarians and the veterinary system itself have a trend going to use fear tactics and intimidation to get you to vaccinate and of course re-vaccinate your fur babies on a ongoing basis.

Think About it

Vaccines can wipe out the natural immune system and do not actually protect an pet from contracting a virus or infection. Remember that every time you suppress a symptom that the body produces with an antibiotic or a synthetic medication, you are lowering the health status of the entire body system.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why destroy your dog or cats immune system?
  2. Why use toxic chemical drugs that may cause ongoing yeast infections? 
  3. Why let your pet undergo this- by only tricking the body into feeling as if the dis-ease is gone when it has only been suppressed? 
  4. Why use opioids or steroids for pain relief?

Natural Immunity

Natural immunity is part of a homeostatic, balanced state of the body. Natural immunity happens when the biological defences the body work together to destroy disease and infection, using natural protection against pathogens, keeping the body in balance, and averting unwelcome biological invasion. This kind of immunity is the basic pre-existing and natural defense instrument that is inherited and passed down through generations. Numerous other factors such as diet, exercise, emotional and social conditions all can effect natural immunity.

The immune system was intended to constantly fight off pathogens. Some aspects of immunity are passed on from the parents and grandparents to their offspring. However, what puppies and kittens encounter throughout their lifetime is what makes the meaningful difference in their overall health. Immunity is progressively established throughout their life; it is not something instantly set in stone at or after birth or created from artificial injection.

The immune system is a powerful defence; it has been proven to eradicate the pets body of severe disease. Illness and disease are simply interferences of the pets normal state of harmony, vibration and balance.

Meaning, it is the primary nature of any living being to heal itself of illness, disease, and injury and to return the body to its natural and balanced state.

Please know that here are several safe and natural as well as effective alternatives to vaccination, medications, and antibiotics!

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