​Basic protocol for Healing for Pets

​Basic protocol for Healing for Pets

Posted by Jewel on Jun 29, 2023

We often get calls from pet parents with dogs and cats with some very serious health issues, wanting recommendations for how to treat those issues naturally because they don't want to go the conventional route of drugs and surgery that the allopathic vets offer for dogs and cats.

Many of these issues are downright awful for the poor fur baby, and some diagnosis’s that I've never even heard of. I have been helping pets naturally for a long time, but there is only so much I can do, as there are so many variables with these complex ‘diseases’ and we don’t offer personal consultations here. I just don’t have the time or even the knowledge to help everyone with their pets. What I do know is that most health issues with pets stem from wrong diet(kibble fed), toxins from over vaccination, pesticides, environmental chemicals in the home and yard, over use pharmaceutical drugs and in some cases just bad genetics.

Also what I do know for sure….. Whatever healing that can happen in an animal’s body must be healed by that body. There is only one cure for cancer or diabetes or arthritis or kennel cough, or skin issues: It's the immune system. If your pet’s immune system stops, nothing else will cure it. I don't even like that word, "cure", which suggests a problem is gone for good. No health problem can be banished from your pets life, there is always a possibility of it returning, especially if the conditions that allowed it in the first place occurs again.

So, we don't "cure" pets, we show you ways to help your cat or dogs body heal itself as well as it can. Obviously, a dog’s body's healing capacity is greater at 2 years old than 12 years old or 18 years old. All we can do is try to optimize the healing capacity of the pet’s body by giving their body what optimizes its immune system and avoiding what interferes with its immune system starting typically with a raw meat diet.

Certain supplements are known to boost the immune system in different ways for different health conditions.

The fundamental immune system boosters in a carnivore pets diet are whole, raw meat, organs and bones (preferably organic, unprocessed, unpasteurized, unpoisoned, irradiated, non-GMO, etc.), adding some fermented greens or veg in small amounts as needed and concentrated foods/supplements ( glandulars, pastured eggs, blue green algae, grasses, herbs, probiotics, medicinal mushrooms, colostrum etc.)

There are also various therapies/treatments that can help in various ways:use of a nebulizer, acupuncture,animal chiropractors and various bioelectrical healing devices can all aid the body in its self-healing efforts.

We have lots of articles on this website that detail various immune system-boosting substances/techniques that you can find on the articles page.

Colloidal silver (CS) is, in my opinion, the best all-around immune system booster It is also my opinion that, starting with smaller doses and gradually increasing, the more serious the health issue, the more CS should be ingested, sometimes being the only liquid that is being drunk by the pet in some serious cases.

The addition of a few drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide once or twice per day can increase the effectiveness of CS 500 - 1,000%.

Please understand, silver does not cure anything, your pet’s immune system does that. Silver is a major booster of the immune system, and enhances the body's self-healing ability.

Start with that and pay attention to your pets diet/supplementation, raise the vibration and you will be doing all that you can do to help your dog or cats body heal itself.

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