Posted by Natural Health Library on Mar 26, 2023

As a preventative, colloidal silver is unsurpassed. 

Sufficient colloidal silver taken/given daily precludes infection, v|ruses, disease, contagion outbreak and serious burn toxicity. The daily ingestion of colloidal silver is like having a second immune system. It lessens the load on the body's natural immune system, and effectively kills the many thousands of viruses and bacteria that are present throughout the body.

In addition, it lessens the toxicity due to the average amount of virus and bacterial activity that occurs naturally in the body. However, tests have shown that, due to the high absorption of silver into the small intestine, the "friendly bacteria in the large intestine are unaffected".

This "second immune system" acts parallel to, and independent of, the body's own first line of defense, which is a major advantage in warding off outbreaks of influenza or other germ, plague or pestilence.

Another interesting note: By taking colloidal silver daily it is said to have protection that is unsurpassed against serious burn toxicity.

Severe burn cases, such as from a house fire or motor accident, will have a much greater survival rate than those who do not take colloidal silver before such a catastrophe. Often, people who survive such horrific injuries later die of complications that occur some days, even weeks after the injury is sustained.

This is because several of the body's systems become overloaded and cannot cope. Colloidal silver has proven to be extremely effective in helping the body's immune system and sustained in the fire or accident.

With reference to the healing powers of colloidal silver, an American surgeon, Dr. William Stewart Halsted wrote in 1913, after referring to the age old practice of placing pure silver wire in and around wounds. "I know of nothing that could take its place, nor have I known anyone to abandon it who has thoroughly familiarized him or herself with the technique of its employment. We may have only scratched the surface of tale medical brilliance of silver. Already it is an amazing tool, as it stimulates bone-forming cells, cures the most stubborn infections, and stimulates healing of skin tissue. "

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