Colloidal Silver For Birds

Colloidal Silver For Birds

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Feb 6th 2021

Prevention of the numerous bird diseases is the most important concern in bird keeping. Every new bird added to your aviary needs to be quarantined before contacting other birds in order to not spread new disease. At that time the new bird can be treated with colloidal silver as a preventative. Birds can and do carry infectious type diseases and often do not show any signs of illness. 

For the bird fancier, colloidal silver may be the answer for these many diseases and health conditions which have been difficult to treat or heal no matter what you have tried in the past. Our HighVibe silver can be given to birds internally in their drinking water, straight into their beak with an eye dropper or used externally on wounds, infections or injuries.

To name a few issues silver has been known to help with; parasitic infestation, French moult, conjunctivitis, going light, breathing concerns and many, many more. With the use of colloidal silver with your birds these concerns may prove to be issues of the past.

The use of Colloidal Silver for the treatment of avian diseases may be new to you, but it is more and more prevalent among birdkeepers all over the USA.

Because colloidal silver works as a natural antimicrobial and is not a drug and doesn’t at all interfere with other allopathic drugs or medications, nor does it affect the organ function, there are no negative side effects documented when using colloidal silver long term in people, dogs, cats or birds.

The dosages are not so important as silver is not dose specific. It suffocates the pathogen when it is able to be in contact with it. So the more times it is given during an acute condition the faster it works to kill the germs. 

How Do You Use it:

A teaspoon or two of colloidal silver in your birds’ water will be a great way to help your bird stay healthy. Using it in their water can also keep the water cleaner and fresher.

Also using a Colloidal Silver spray to spritz your bird is another good way to administer to pet birds of all kinds.

Colloidal Silver is being used by many pet bird parents to treat an array of ailments with wonderful results.

Used in many aviaries everywhere, colloidal silver sprayed regularly helps to decrease the chance of cross infections you see happening between birds.

Different Ways Colloidal Silver Helps with Bird Care:

For eye issues, spray or soak a cotton ball and use to wipe eyes.

If your bird is predisposed to getting eye infections, mist the face daily as a prevention.

Mist the bird with colloidal silver daily to just to help them be free of parasites and other issues.

Spray or dab some colloidal silver straight on to wounds, cuts or abrasions of any kind.

We recommend 3 or 4 times a day during the first few days and then twice a day until healed up.

The antimicrobial effect of the silver will heal the wounds quickly from the inside out as well as externally and keeps them from becoming infected.

Add a 1/2 teaspoon or so straight into their water to as a preventative as well as helping to boost immunity.

Also use to clean your bird cages and disinfect them. Also helps to eliminate any odors.

Dosage: (approximation as it is not dose specific)

  •  General ill health: Give orally by dropper daily. Small Birds, 1-5 drops 3-5 times daily for up to 2 weeks depending on the severity of the illness. Dosages may be adjusted up or down as the condition requires.
  • Eye Infections or Irritations: Use for any infection or just to relieve minor eye irritations by misting or by dropper into your bird’s eyes. Or alternately use a cotton ball soaked with colloidal silver and gently squeeze into eyes.
  • Skin Diseases: Spray or mist colloidal silver onto the infected area 2-3 times a day for up to 3 weeks making sure all sign of the infection is cleared
  • Sinus infection: Use a syringe to gently squirt colloidal silver up into the nostril openings into the sinus until infection clears.
  • Cuts, scrapes, wounds: Clean the area thoroughly with the colloidal silver. Then spray or apply daily until the wound completely heals.
  • New Birds (Isolate them): For smaller birds (Finches & Budgies etc) 1-5 drops orally per day for one week or longer during isolation period. Larger birds (parrots, Cockatoos etc) 2-3 ml orally. The colloidal silver can be added to the drinking water at a ratio of 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of water, all sizes of birds.
  • E.coli Infection: This bacterium can reproduce rapidly in drinking water which has become tainted by food dropping from the birds beaks as they drink. This water and food can rapidly become very messy and a perfect cocktail where bacteria grows.
  • By adding colloidal silver in their drinking water, the water stays clear even after 48 hrs.(unless food or droppings are dropped in of course)  

Recommended strength is about 10 ml or a syringeful of colloidal silver to 1 gallon of water. But as we said above, colloidal silver is not dose specific so more where needed and use less when used as a preventative and immune booster.

Immune Boosting & Maintenance added to water:

Add 5ml of Colloidal Silver to 1 cup of drinking water. Ideal way to keep the drinking water clean and free from bacteria. Ideal if you are unable to change the water every day. Keeps water clean even after 48h.

Recommended dose for maintenance if given orally:

  • Finches/canaries: 1-2 drops daily
  • Parakeets: 2-4 drops daily
  • Cockatiels: 4 -6 drops daily
  • Pigeons: 6-8 drops daily
  • Amazons/Greys and Large Macaws: 1 dropperful daily

General Dosage: Give orally by dropper daily. Small Birds, 1-5 drops 3-5 times daily for up to 2 weeks depending on the severity of the illness. Dosages may be adjusted up or down as the condition requires.

Water Sanitizer

Add 2ml of Colloidal Silver to 1500ml of drinking water. Perfect to keep the drinking water clean and free from bacteria. Ideal if you are unable to change the water every day. Keeps water clean even after 48h.

Acute care: Syringe directly into their beak 3 cc or so every few hours.

Ideally dispensed straight in the beak or if it is just not possible then­ mix into a small amount of water and let them drink it.

Birds who are being treated with allopathic treatments can also be given colloidal silver as it does not interfere with other drugs.


Using colloidal silver in your chicken flocks water can help with many different issues as well. It can help to clear up any coughs or sinus issues when nebulizing it. (which can be done with all birds) Helps with sick chicks as well. You can make type of tent out of a plastic bag and put the sick chicks into the open ‘tent’ and use a nebulizer to mist it into them.

This can help with stomach infections as well as upper respiratory infections. But for persistent upper respiratory issues, some bird keepers separate their sick ones into an improvised croup tents, and run nebulized colloidal silver mist into the ‘tent’ using a nebulizer. (We got our nebulizers here:  AFFORDABLE NEBULIZERS  )

Using Colloidal Silver for the treatment of bird problems is reported to be the most effective natural antibacterial treatments available. This is because colloidal silver is a very fast acting natural antimicrobial, that treats not only bacterial infections, but viruses and fungus as well. 

Our HighVibe Silver is made using pure 99.99% pure silver in distilled, structured water. Our silver can be given straight as drinking water to birds if they need to be treated with more.