Colloidal Silver For Cats UTI

Colloidal Silver For Cats UTI

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Jun 2nd 2021

Yes- there is no doubt that Colloidal Silver is a very safe and natural product to use for cats UTI infections.

Cats are super prone to be dealing with urinary tract problems.

It is quite common with kibble fed cats especially. Luckily colloidal silver is one of the wonderful natural treatments that can clear them up pretty quickly. The trick is to get enough into them however. Many cat lovers don’t understand how important it is to get them to drink enough of the Silver to clear up the infection,

Ideally you’d want to give them a 10ml syringeful 5-7 x a day or put a small bowl out if possible (make sure they drink enough of it), let them drink as much as they want. 

Substitute their drinking bowl for a small bowl of colloidal silver. Make sure to just give enough for what they will drink at that time so they will consume it all. 

You can add bone broth or tuna juice are something yummy to entice them to drink more. If they don’t drink it or don’t like to drink much in general then will need to give it to them by oral syringe, or squeeze into kitty’s mouth off a cotton ball. Just make sure they get enough several times a day.

If you end up taking your cat to the vet for a UTI no doubt they will prescribe a round of oral antibiotics. 

We recommend avoiding the use of antibiotics if at all possible as they mess with the gut microbiome. If you can treat the UTI with colloidal silver instead all the better-although there is no doubt sometimes conventional treatment is needed when the cat is not able to urinate. 

So the good news is you can still administer colloidal silver at the same time you are giving your cat antibiotics when it is a totally necessary which can help boost the efficacy of the antibiotics.

Antibiotics are renowned for killing bacteria. All the bacteria in the body. Which means not only the bad microbes causing the UTI, but also the good microorganisms necessary in your cat’s microbiome for good digestion and a healthy, strong immune system.

One great benefit to using colloidal silver is that it doesn't kill off the beneficial gut bacteria like antibiotics can and often do. 

Colloidal silver doesn’t make it into the lower colon in order to kill the helpful microorganisms that populate the digestive tract.

We realize that using an antibiotic can be beneficial for treatment in life-threatening cases, but often they can do more harm than good to your cat's immune system. It is just going to compromise the kitty’s gut biome, making it easier for other worse health concerns to crop up at a later time down the road. Letting those new antibiotic-resistant microorganisms to take over.

Colloidal silver is truly wonderful for giving cats because it does not have much taste or smell that can be off putting to most cats, who are very finicky about taste and odours. Also, it is completely safe to just spray it or dab it straight onto their fur or into their mouth. 

Colloidal silver can be given to of all sizes of cats and all ages, including nursing kittens. CS can be used both internally and externally, to attack the germ from the inside out and the outside in.