​Colloidal Silver For Chickens

​Colloidal Silver For Chickens

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Aug 14, 2021

Can colloidal silver be used to help heal health issues in chickens?

Yes it sure can, colloidal silver for chickens is a great natural treatment for chicken diseases!! My chicken enthusiast customers are asking me, how do I treat chickens naturally? Of course it is possible to be totally free of chemicals, GMO feeds and drugs when raising chickens. To be truly organic is awesome, but does take some planning and know how.

Many of us chicken owners especially don’t want those unnatural chemical in the eggs we and our families are eating. We what 100% organic eggs. 

Natural Treatments for Chicken Diseases

Honestly, most of the common chicken health issues are tough to treat medicinally anyway. Better to focus on prevention!!

The best way to deal with your flock is to support their immune system so you can maintain health in all your chickens before illnesses manifest. Keeping a healthy flock through using preventative measures will stave off diseases, and helps the chickens to avoid pathogens from taking hold in the first place. Having a strong, healthy immune system keeps them from going downhill when they get infected with something.

Prevention includes:

  1. Lots of good clean fresh water available at all times. 
  2. A more than adequate supply of healthy nutrition - avoid junk food for chickens- healthy eggs come from well fed chickens.
  3. Adding colloidal silver to their drinking water
  4. Adding Herbs to their diet
  5. Some folks swear by apple cider vinegar and garlic added to their water (we prefer colloidal silver)
  6. Plenty of room for the chickens to roam-preferably free ranging 
  7. keeping the coop clean (we clean the coop every morning we have 44 chickens and it takes about 10 minutes max)

So…..but what if they do get infected with something? - What is the best natural antibiotic for chickens? 

Everybody with chickens needs colloidal silver on hand. Since it works like a broad-spectrum, decontaminating, antimicrobial, colloidal silver can address so many of the ongoing health concerns chickens can get-plus it is non-toxic and pretty much tasteless. Colloidal silver can be used internally and externally for chicken viruses and bacterial infections.

Using silver with your flock can help with most types of infectious poultry diseases whether it be caused from bacteria, a virus, or fungal infection.

We now know that colloidal silver is helpful as an overall sick chicken treatment used whenever there is something pathogenic going on.  

I will say it again....keeping the immune system boosted and the whole vibe of your chicken tribe high as a preventative is the best measure.

Colloidal silver can help overcome the following conditions:

  • Chicken respiratory diseases
  • Bumblefoot
  • Coccidiosis
  • Chicken eye treatment
  • Marek’s disease
  • Chicken cough treatment
  • Chicken sneezing treatment

Colloidal Silver for Chicken Respiratory Infection & Chicken Sneezing Treatment

I have read about using colloidal silver for chickens for many different issues. One that really stands out is the use for upper respiratory infections or as a chicken cough treatment is by nebulizing it. You can do this by making ‘croup tent’ out of a plastic grocery bag or putting them in a crate and covering it with something to get the colloidal silver mist into their nostrils. Silver can really help a chick to make a fast recovery in many cases. This is a great sick chicken treatment in general for almost anything viral or bacterial they might be dealing with. Getting colloidal silver into the lungs is generally the fastest way into the bloodstream. You can nebulize colloidal silver for all pets or any other animals that have upper respiratory infections.


One of the more often issues people see in their chickens is coccidiosis, which is a nasty parasitic infection of the intestinal tract. This can kill them in a matter of days so it must be treated.

The Coccidia parasite thrives in wet, warm conditions. Keeping your flock’s immune system boosted, keeping a clean, healthy environment, and establishing a good bio-security protocol is number one in prevention of this parasite. Remember, infected poultry can fight the disease with a natural coccidiosis treatment in some cases. Many natural chicken keepers wonder is a natural antibiotic effective or is the standard chemical protocol best for my flock? It is scary to see something like coccidiosis take down your flock. Of course this is something only you can decide.

The most popular chemical treatment for coccidiosis is Amprolium, which blocks the parasite’s ability to multiply. This treatment goes by the name of Corid that is typically used to inactivate the parasite, this can be used as well as colloidal silver to help them build up their immune system to overcome the parasite.

Although we haven’t had any with that disease, I know that it works to start dosing them with colloidal silver and a natural antiparasitic immediately upon discovering one that your birds have this and they can often be saved and make a speedy recovery.

1 cup of colloidal silver in a gallon waterer helps to combat the Coccidia parasite and build natural immunity against it is the best preventative measure.

So, If you are going to stay with an all-natural, holistic approach to raising your flock, since it is a parasite, you will want to have a natural antiparasitic treatment on hand. You can use our holistic pet dewormer for chickens for parasites. You can also have a tincture on hand as well made from the following ingredients. These herbs all have antiparasitic as well as antibacterial properties. It is pretty easy to make this yourself at home.  You can order the herbs needed on Mountain Rose Herbs  Or order Starwest on Amazon. 

An herbal tincture made from some or all of the following herbs in vodka for 4-6 weeks:

  • organic clove
  • organic wormwood
  • organic black walnut hulls
  • organic Chicory
  • organic thyme
  • organic grapefruit seed extract
  • organic garlic cloves
  • organic pumpkin seeds
  • organic vodka

Some good dried herbs to offer your flock are oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary and garlic which can be added to their feed. Also keep colloidal silver in their waterer daily.

A simple mixture made of these herbs in a base of raw honey will also keep their immune system primed up, you can make treat balls with this mix with some other added goodies such as meal dried mealworms, sunflower seeds or other fruits and veggies.

It is recommended to separate your affected chicken & depending on how bad a case of the Coccidiosis, dose them with some straight colloidal silver in their mouth 3-4 times daily, if possible, for approximately a week.

Colloidal Silver for Bumblefoot

Bumblefoot is caused by the staphylococcus bacteria and is often seen on the toes, hocks and pads of a chicken's foot. It shows up as a type of abscess that is covered by a black scab and typically filled with pus. This causes lameness and swelling, causing the chicken to limp or have a very difficult time walking. Since colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic for chickens this is the perfect way to treat bumblefoot. Colloidal silver both applied to the abscess and given internally. In some cases the abscess needs to be lanced and then wrapped with vet wrap and a gauze pad soaked in colloidal silver.

Marek’s Disease

Marek’s is a highly contagious viral disease that can cause tumors and/or paralysis in chickens. Partial immunity is achieved by the vaccination many chicks receive at the hatchery. Also building natural immunity by allowing healthy chicks limited exposure to the virus, which exists in nearly every chicken coop or run. As a preventative measure, ensure the coop is kept clean and help your baby chicks build strong immune systems by adding colloidal silver to their water, adding herbs, like oregano & garlic as well as probiotics to their feed.

Colloidal Silver Eye Drops for Chickens

Chickens get eye infections. Other flock members also peck each others eyes and can be very mean to each other at times. Colloidal silver makes an excellent eyewash for your chickens. Just drop directly into the affected eye as often as possible depending on the severity of the infection.

We have a 100% holistic, organic, free-range flock of chickens that we raise without using any antibiotics, chemicals, vaccines or GMO feeds. 

This is my first flock in many years, so I am always learning more about raising chickens holistically. This flock of all girls are turning out to be great egg-layers, that lay the most nutritious eggs possible. Our chickens are happy and healthy. We put colloidal silver in their daily drinking water as a preventative and to help boost immunity.

We want them to be as healthy and disease free as possible. There are many chicken viruses and other health issues, so we feel adding colloidal silver is key to raising a disease-free flock for us. We allow our hens to free range during the day, they meander around in our big pasture, devouring bugs and weeds, scratching around to find tasty morsels. We also feed them a soaked and fermented organic diet with soy and corn free feed and veggie scrapes from the garden. However, most of their true nourishment comes from scratching and peaking around the fields getting goodies which is what chickens love doing the most.

I have researched and found many real-life testimonials and advice from chicken keepers who also use colloidal silver for their birds. I’ve been making and using colloidal silver for over 10 years now. I still get amazed knowing how many great, healing benefits there are from using this 100% natural and effective, germicide and infection-killing simple 2 ingredient liquid for all types of animals. I love it!

Colloidal silver is now being shared and mentioned more and more by bird enthusiasts. We are seeing it sold by many online bird-oriented pet shops, and is often recommended in articles and books about raising chickens and other fowl.

I personally have been researching, studying, and constantly learning about using colloidal silver for chickens and have been in the experimental stage still. However, from all my experience with colloidal silver on other types of farm animals and pets, as well as people I am 100% positive our flock of 44 hens will thrive drinking colloidal silver to keep them healthy, happy, and high vibe!!

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