Do Titer Tests Really Measure Immunity?

Do Titer Tests Really Measure Immunity?

Feb 11, 2022

Titers and Immunity

A titer test does not and cannot measure immunity, because immunity to specific viruses is not reliant on antibodies, but on memory cells, which we have no way of measuring.

Memory cells are what prompt the immune system to create antibodies and dispatch them to an infection caused by the virus it "remembers." Memory cells don't need "reminders" in the form of re-vaccination to keep producing antibodies. (Science, 1999; "Immune system's memory does not need reminders.") If the animal recently encountered the virus, their level of antibody might be quite high, but that doesn't mean they are more immune than an animal with a lower titer.

Titers will only read the antibodies in the blood. There is also "Cellular Immunity" protecting a body - the"cell-mediated immune response". This can not be measured with a blood test. This is when the "T-cells" kick in and act as "killer" cells. This not only works for viruses but can also do the same against cancer cells.

Another reason it's so important to keep the immune system healthy and working properly!! And another reason for so much cancer in our animals - over-vaccinating! !! We are annihilating their immune response and will they no longer work. 

By Dr. Jeannie Thomason

I am sharing this article from one of my favorite Animal Naturopaths, Teacher and Natural Rearing breeder, Dr. Jeanne Thomason- please click on the link below to read the entire article.

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