Holistic Remedies For Cats

Holistic Remedies For Cats

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Dec 12, 2020

My customers are always asking about the best holistic remedies for cats along with their daily colloidal silver. Since cats are quite a bit different from dogs they don't always use the same supplements and natural remedies.

Using holistic and natural remedies for cats can, however, be a nice extra addition for them when there is a problem or health concern going on. 

Adding certain extra supplements can help build a stronger immune system.

Natural remedies can help when there is a concern you are trying to heal or prevent as well. Of course all in all the goal is to prevent your feline friends from being susceptible to serious health concerns and provide them with the ability to have a happier, healthier, high vibe life.

Focus on providing your kitty with the right nutrients, plenty of activity and lots of cuddling and petting to make sure their immunity is high, and they are at their ultimate vitality.

Since most cats live indoor life’s - feline friends need our help to keep them healthy and vibrant, as they are not able to provide for themselves as maybe cats would seek out certain plants and herbs in the wild would if feeling unwell. 

It’s up to us as pet parents to give them the right food and supplementation that will support their natural immunity and keep them disease-free during their lifespan. Luckily, cultivating your cat’s immunity isn’t that demanding, and with these few tips you can have a healthy, high vibe cat.

Healthy species appropriate raw meat diet:

Although not really considered a natural remedy diet is! Diet is the cornerstone to a healthy carnivore pets’  holistic healing program. A High VIbe life revolves around the diet. 

The most important biologically important thing you can do for your cat is feed them a healthy, raw diet.

Kibble and canned food contain damaging, injurious constituents like fillers, by-products and unnatural or rancid preservatives.

By feeding your pet a low vibe, kibble diet, you could unintentionally be robbing them of of what their body really needs to thrive.

Cats are obligate carnivores and need raw meat to build a strong immune system.

Cats, precisely, need protein, which provides immune-healthy amino acids that give the feline the energy they truly require along with all of nutrition that gives sustenance to all aspects of their body, and specifically immune support.

Natural Remedies for Cat Lovers


Building your cats immunity and microbiome

Did you know that a majority of your cat's immune system is dependent on a intricate system of bacteria and yeasts in their small intestine?

This intestinal microbiome plays a significant part in controlling the cat’s immune system within and beyond the gastrointestinal tract.

All the more important to feed a raw diet and add extra probiotics. Give twice as daily to a cat who is dealing with a compromised immune system.

The gut microbiome, is easily distressed by anxiety, antibiotic use and a poor diet. Imbalances in this microbiome can not only cause digestive issues with bouts of diarrhea, but they can also mess up the entire immune system.

Feeding your kitty cat a good probiotic supplement can bring back the more beneficial bacteria into the system, supporting balance, better digestion and more vibrant health.


Kitty’s are especially predisposed to UTI and kidney/bladder issues. A bladder blockage can cause toxins to build up in their system which can kill a cat if left untreated. If there is major inability to urinate please take them to the vet!

If your feline friend has been seen by the vet and has these health concerns, that you want to treat naturally- then try D-Mannose,( or a combination with herbs and cranberry) which is a great help for UTI added to their food. D-mannose is a natural supplement containing ingredients known to be beneficial for the cat's urinary tract. Combined with cranberry it increases urine acidity resulting in a reduced chance of blockages or infections. You can also add just cranberry powder to food, or put some cranberry juice to their water,( if they will consume it) or give your cat a cranberry capsule.

Colloidal silver for a UTI is an excellent choice as well. It kills the bacteria in the bladder and Urinary tract and helps to boost the immunity as well. 

Herbal supplements:

At times when you kitty is low energy and not feeling well you can sometimes nip it in the bud with herbal or homeopathic support. Blended, specifically prepared herbal immune supplements blend herbs loaded with certain constituents that feed the immune system while providing antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-parasite properties.

These herbal supplements are a good way to boost the vitality to cats who are already immune compromised, as well as to strengthen a weakened immune system at the start of a disease or after your kitty is recuperating from something. 

Some herbals for cat immune health would be astragalus, dandelion root, nettles, alfalfa, licorice root, and medicinal mushrooms.

You can also provide  a  little live pot of organic wheat grass.  You can often find these at the natural grocery stores produce dept. Your cat will enjoy chewing on the grass, which can also help with providing extra roughage that can help with the elimination of hairballs. 

For Hairballs:

Of course daily brushing during shedding is very helpful to prevent the hairball issue with cats.  Unfortunately, most of the conventional hairball cures are not really natural or good for your cat. A lot of them contain petroleum jelly or mineral oil as the base. If you are feeding your cat a raw meat diet, the best solution is healthy, species-appropriate alternative to butter, mineral oils etc. That would be is egg yolks and egg yolk lecithin.

Adding an egg yolk to the raw diet once or twice a week is an excellent hairball cure.

Omega-3 fatty acids:

One of the major causes of many common health problems in cats (and people) is inflammation. On going inflammation can do substantial harm to the cat’s body over the long term and is often a sign of ‘low vibe’ immune health.

To treat inflammation and prevent it being a precursor to disease, we recommend adding more omega-3 fatty acids to the diet. This can be pasture raised animal fat as in lamb. Or added fish or fish oil supplements.

Fish oil for cats, contain fatty acids that the body cannot produce on its own. The only way to obtain these much needed nutrients is to ingest them. These fatty acids work to fight off inflammation in the cat’s body helps the overall immune response.


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