Natural Cancer Treatment For Dogs - Colloidal Silver

Natural Cancer Treatment For Dogs - Colloidal Silver

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Dec 20, 2020

Cancer is a serious issue.  That darn C word.  The bummer that we don't want to think about or talk about.

But is one of those potential, possible diseases that our beloved dog could encounter in their lifetime in this toxic world we live in.  

Allopathic veterinarians are treating more and more rampant cases of all types of cancers in dogs and cats every day and it has become all too common disease of epidemic proportion.

Treating cancer naturally is something many pet parents have had to consider as allopathic cancer treatment is such a difficult procedure to put their pet through. 

Many people are seeking help outside of conventional treatment. I personally would do holistic and natural for my own dogs if I was faced with this situation. I would for sure employ every kind of natural cancer treatment for dogs out there. 

However….we at Holistic Pet Care are not suggesting you going 100% holistic if this is a choice you are considering. It is a big decision that you will make with your veterinarian, hopefully you will work with a holistic vet and healing team. Because diet, supplements and other considerations play a key role in treating cancer naturally.

This post is just giving some information and food for thought on using colloidal silver for treating cancer naturally as part of a holistic healing program, not as a stand alone by any means.

Colloidal Silver for Cancer

Silver nanoparticles have powerful antimicrobial and anticancer abilities due to their small size and ability to provoke cell death through multiple means makes colloidal silver an ideal candidate for anti-cancer therapies.

Owing to their various uses, understanding the way it works, natural interactions with the cell, and beneficial effects of silver is important. One thing to remember and know about silver is the more it is in touch with the pathogen the faster in works.  So i personally would give a lot of silver and often if my dog was being treated for cancer. 

Silver nanoparticles are made from metallic silver suspended in water. That is all it is. See it as a mineral water with tiny particles of cancer cell weapons within.

The particles exist in various shapes, and range 1–100 nm in diameter. Their tiny size and ability to stimulate cell death through multiple means makes silver nanoparticles great to use as part of an anti­cancer protocol.

Silver nanoparticles are chemotherapeutic

Silver nanoparticles are powerful bactericides and chemotherapeutic agents. They treat bacteria, viruses and pathogens of all types. 

Colloidal silver used regularly can stimulate cell apoptosis. Which helps to remove unhealthy cells during development, eliminating potentially harmful, cancerous and virus-infected cells, and helps to maintains balance in the body.

The smaller particles are more cytotoxic to cancer cells, as they can enter the cell and localize to the nucleus easily.

The Internet is full of information of how silver can be used to treat cancer. Some debunk silver completely and some true scientific studies prove silver's amazing potential as a cancer treatment and tout it's viability. So be careful to not get discouraged from the debunkers out there. 

There have been several studies and certain lab tests that have shown that silver nanoparticles are as effective as some of the leading chemotherapy drugs and may have fewer to no side-effects.

There is a new study show that particular silver compounds are as toxic to cancer cells as the platinum-based drug Cisplatin, which is widely used to treat a range of cancers. But the vital difference is that silver particle can be much less toxic to healthy cells, and in most cases, can be beneficial.

Silver is currently used for its antiviral and antibiotic properties, in bandages, wound dressings and water purification filters throughout the world.

The overall results of many of these lab tests and studies have shown that the colloidal silver has anti-tumor activity through induction of apoptosis. Showing that colloidal silver might be a potential alternative treatment for cancer therapy in pets as well as humans.

Please however, take some time and do your own research to see if this is one of the therapies to use to treat cancer in your beloved fur baby.  Below I have cited some references to this subject of silver nanoparticles and cancer. At least is some good places to start researching.


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