Natural Treatments for Eye Ulcers in Pets

Natural Treatments for Eye Ulcers in Pets

Posted by Jewel on Oct 10, 2023

Eye ulcers in pets, also known as corneal ulcers, are a painful and potentially serious condition that can develop for various reasons. One of the most common causes of corneal ulcers is Bacterial, viral, or fungal infections. They compromise the integrity of the cornea and create an environment where ulcers can form.

As a holistic pet health practitioner with over four decades of experience in the field, I have seen and treated all types of various ailments in our beloved furry companions.

Eye ulcers in pets can be scary when it happens and be a cause of huge concern among pet owners, as I have had it happen personally in one of my own beloved pooches and it is not an easy one to deal with, honestly. They manifest as painful and distressing conditions for our pets and take a while to clear up completely. But there is hope in getting relief and clearing it naturally so do not let it scare you too badly!

Fortunately, over the years, I have witnessed the profound impact holistic approaches can have in addressing eye issues. In this post, I will discuss some of the natural treatments and remedies that have shown promising results in managing and alleviating eye ulcers in pets. Your pet's health and happiness are my utmost priorities, and I'm excited to provide you with actionable insights and guidance to ensure their well-being.

Immune System and Eye Ulcers in Pets

Basically, immune system disorders are associated with developing health conditions in pets.

When a pet's immune system is compromised or dysregulated, its ability to defend against infections and maintain the health of various organs is compromised. It will weaken the body's defense mechanisms, making the cornea more susceptible to infections and injuries.

Additionally, a weakened immune system impairs the cornea's ability to heal effectively. Even minor injuries or irritations can take longer to heal, creating an environment conducive to ulcer development.

It's crucial to emphasize that supporting and strengthening the immune system is integral to managing and preventing eye ulcers in pets. A vital aspect of immune support in pets is a species-appropriate diet. A well-balanced, nutritionally rich raw meat diet tailored to the specific needs of the pet's species can bolster the immune system. Many species-appropriate diets, such as those for carnivorous pets like cats and dogs, contain natural antioxidants found in fresh meat. These antioxidants combat free radicals and oxidative stress, which can compromise the immune system. Adequate vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients from a raw diet can enhance the body's natural defense mechanisms and reduce the risk of eye ulcers.

Colloidal Silver for Eye Infections

When pathogens inhabit the pet’s body, it becomes hard for medicines to reach them within the cells. This prevents cells from fully functioning. That is where Colloidal silver comes in. It hosts antimicrobial properties, making it an intriguing option for addressing eye infections in pets. This product is known for its ability to effectively combat pathogens causing the eye infection.

There is an amazing synergy with Silver when combined with DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) for effective eye ulcer treatment. DMSO possesses a remarkable ability to transport substances into cells swiftly. This unique characteristic makes it an ideal companion when used in conjunction with colloidal silver, resulting in synergistic effects. When used as an eye treatment, it can target infected cells like a guided missile and eliminate low-lying pathogens that may be causing or exacerbating eye infections in pets. This makes it a valuable addition to the arsenal of natural remedies for ocular health.

In eye issues, such as infections or irritations, the immune system may require additional support to combat the infection effectively. Colloidal silver can provide this extra antibiotic safeguard by assisting the immune system to clear the infection. With its increased cell penetrability, the Colloidal Silver/DMSO complements the body's natural defense mechanisms to help pets recover swiftly. I have also seen that using castor oil drops into the pet’s eye at night can facilitate the healing of the ulcers. Consistency in dosing will ensure proper management of the pet’s chronic conditions.

Applying colloidal silver alone as an eyewash for dogs and cats with eye infections can be a practical and gentle approach. A cotton ball soaked in colloidal silver can clean and soothe the affected eye. Its mild nature is well-suited for the delicate eyes of dogs and cats, providing relief from discomfort while promoting healing.


Homeopathy offers a unique perspective on healing. The practice views symptoms as the body's way of fighting infections and aims to stimulate the innate healing ability within animals. This approach focuses on treating the entire animal, considering not just the physical symptoms but also the emotional and mental aspects of their well-being.

Homeopathic remedies work by mimicking the body's symptoms. Essentially, this encourages the natural immune response to the disease. This principle aligns with the concept of the Law of Similars in homeopathy. By triggering similar symptoms, the remedies prompt the body to kick-start its own healing mechanisms.

I usually advise pet owners who embrace holistic pet care to have a first aid kit stocked with various homeopathic remedies. These remedies can be indispensable in addressing many common pet health issues. Some of the essential remedies include:

  • Euphrasia: A go-to remedy for various eye issues, such as redness, itchiness, and excessive tearing
  • Aconite: Useful for managing shock and its associated symptoms.
  • Hep Sulph: Particularly helpful in addressing infected glands.
  • Arnica: Effective in relieving muscle pain, especially after injuries or exertion.
  • Rhus Tox: Beneficial for conditions like red swollen eyes, skin infections, arthritic pain, etc.
  • Calendula: Ideal for treating minor wounds in pets and promoting healing..
  • Hypericum: Valuable for deep puncture wounds and cuts with jagged edges.
  • Ledum: The preferred choice for puncture wounds of any kind.

Having these homeopathics readily available in a holistic first aid kit equips pet owners to respond promptly to various health concerns while embracing a natural and holistic approach to care.


For acute symptoms or sudden health issues, administer 3-5 drops of the appropriate homeopathic remedy every 2-3 hours until the symptoms begin to improve. Once you notice an improvement, you can reduce the frequency to 2-3 times daily. Then, continue this reduced frequency until your pet is fully recovered.

In chronic illness cases where the condition has been ongoing, administer 3-5 drops of the remedy 2 or 3 times daily.

Each pet is unique, and the choice of the homeopathic remedy should be based on a holistic evaluation of their symptoms, temperament, and overall health.

Herbal Treatment

Eyebright, is an effective herbal that that is good to have on hand as an antimicrobial (antiseptic), anti-inflammatory, and astringent, often used as an eye treatment for dogs, cats, and even horses. Eyebright contains active ingredients to help heal eye issues quikly.

Eyebright can be used as a supplement treatment for eye issues such as conjunctivitis eye allergies, or corneal ulcers.

There are many chinese herbs that are useful to give internally as well when your pet has an eye infection.

Here is one formula I’d recommend: Nature's Herbs for Pets Clear Vision

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