Parvovirus Treatment In Puppies

Parvovirus Treatment In Puppies

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Sep 01, 2021

Is there a natural cure for parvo in puppies?

Distemper and parvo are the 2 most feared puppy disease and the ones vaccinated for the most. However, there are natural treatments for parvo.  As feared and scary as it is if you are a breeder or have a puppy it is always a good idea to have some 'know how' and be prepared at home just in case. 

But do be aware it can be deadly. We all should not take it lightly and know that this highly ‘feared by puppy owners’ deadly virus, canine parvovirus can attack the GI tracts of puppies and some adult dogs as well, affecting both domesticated and wild canines, often fatally.

Parvo is very contagious and is one of the most serious diseases we deal with as pet owners.

This disease is caused by what is known as CPV-2 or type 2, referred to most commonly as just Parvo.

There are several differing strains of parvo – some much more serious than others. However, both CPV-2b and CPV-2c are the most common and frequently diagnosed variant we come across in the United States anyway. 

However, getting the parvo vaccine is not always the answer to preventing parvo. The vaccine for parvo is in itself an immunosuppressant. We also know from research that dogs treated homeopathic and natural remedies that had parvo have a far better survival rate than those treated with the conventional drugs.

We recommend continuous dosing of  COLLOIDAL SILVER for Parvo- as a part of the natural parvo treatment at home for puppies.To be safe it is a good idea to have colloidal silver and some of the other natural remedies on hand if you have a new puppy. Just a good practice to give colloidal silver to your puppy  regularly to help as a preventative especially while they are young and building up natural immunity.

Early prevention, good intervention and very aggressive treatment generally result in better outcomes.

We feel the very best natural cure is prevention and boosting the puppy’s immune system through a high quality and raw food diet –giving homeopathic nosodes, using colloidal silver for parvo in the water on a daily basis as a puppy to keep away viruses, parasites and bacteria to begin with and use common sense. Decide if you are going to give minimal vaccinations, full vaccine program, nosodes or none at all.

If you are not vaccinating your puppy, (which many people opt for these days due to health issues with vaccinating) One must weigh the risks- and do the preventative measures.

Besides mega-doses of colloidal silver there are also many great homeopathic and herbal remedies that can be useful in treating the symptoms of parvo. One that should be used and kept on hand is Paxxin. AMBER NATURALZ - PAXXIN - Digestive Support - for Dogz - 1 Ounce

FOR HYDRATION: Get a saline solution bag from your sub-Q from your Vet and start hydrating just under the skin every 4 hours to keep them alive if the pup is severly dehydrated. 

Homeopathic the top to use are:

if you have it or 3 drops/pellets of Carbo Veg 30c every 2 hours

  • Aconitum nap. 30 c use at once if think parvo is the issue.
  • Phosphorus 30c used for vomiting
  • Arsenicum alb.30c used for diarrhea
  • Others are Mercurius cor.30c for blood and straining to go
  • Crotalus horridus etc for copious amounts of blood
  • China off.30c for dehydration

You can also be syringing pedalite with zinc. Or sub.q fluids and in bad cases Enema fluids as well.

(Then when pup is on mend many breeders feed congee. A rice and chicken mixture cooked into a gruel)

Treatment should be started immediately as soon as the disease is suspect. Start with giving fluid and electrolyte replacement to combat dehydration, efforts to control the vomiting and diarrhea, and preventing secondary infections. You can give large amounts of colloidal silver with the use of either an eyedropper with puppies or a turkey baster with adult dogs. For a big dog up to a quart a day. For a small dog a pint is not too much to give.

Using Colloidal Silver to Cure Parvo in Dogs:

Even though there may not be any hard clinical or veterinary support or clear evidence that colloidal silver can actually cure Parvovirus in dogs, there is quite a lot of of anecdotal evidence that it works or at least helps many, many pets recover quickly .

The truth is many people have been using colloidal silver on their “Parvo puppies” (and grown dogs with Parvo, as well) for several years with amazing results, and often with great success, as this video attests.

Our 20 PPM Nano-Particle Colloidal Silver can be administered orally, several times throughout the day until your puppy’s appetite returns to normal and the Parvo symptoms are completely gone.

This might be anywhere from just 3-4 of days to 2 weeks or so. For most “parvo puppies” in which the virus caught early enough, sit can be administered up to five eyedroppers full of 20 ppm colloidal silver, up to five times a day.

For most larger dogs sit can be used up to five, 10cc plastic syringes full (no needle) of colloidal silver or even a turkey baser full can work. given to them orally, up to five times a day, until the dog’s appetite is back and Parvo symptoms are gone.

Have a good homeopathic first aid kit on hand. Keep a gallon of colloidal silver, buy some parvaid/Paxxin ( see below link) just in case and do your best to prevent the infection in the first place. See our other article here for more info on treatment:

First of all is preventative with a HIGH VIBE holistic health lifestyle from day one. IT IS ALL ABOUT BUILDING STRONG IMMUNITY IN YOUR DOG.

Parvo Nosodes for Puppies

When you do get a puppy is is a good idea to well educated about building up their immunity naturally. It is also a good idea to learn about this disease parvo. Learn a few things just in case. Especially if you would be treating it yourself.

Even though the cost of Veterinarian treatment is often unaffordable for dog owners, viruses like Parvo are the reason we often turn to the allopathic system for emergency care for our pets. The cost of treating a parvo pup at the vet is going to be very steep. Prevention is the best!

Definitive diagnosis of parvo requires laboratory and fecal testing. This is one of the best uses of the Allopathic Veterinarian system. To get proper diagnostics.

There is no specific drug or holistic treatment specifically that is available that will just immediately remedy the situation. There is nothing that can just kill parvo in an infected dog. Treatment involves boosting up your pet’s organs and body systems until her immune response can conquer the infection.

There are holistic support products and methods that can turn the condition around however, if given properly and done with most diligent of care.

We highly recommend you work with a holistic veterinarian if you are not familiar with home treating- this is to determine what natural therapies are most helpful and advisable for your sick pet, and if it is best to consider hospitalization until your dog is stable.

The Parvo virus can show up in any dog but most common in puppies still building immunity, Most common in puppies that have been vaccinated for parvo, unfortunately. However if your dog is raw fed and is not given parvo vaccines to begin with or had his immune system compromised with chemical wormers or pesticides and is chemical free in general the virus is going to be less deadly and more likely to recover from it.

Unfortunately the disease is very easily passed on from infected dogs and is extremely hardy in the environment, and in some instances can survive 3 to 7 years.

Dogs that that have survived Parvo can be carriers for up to 30 days after they have gotten better and stopped having any signs left of the disease. So please do not take your pup to the dog park, or even out for a walk on the streets, that is how virulent this virus is. Especially do not have any contact with other puppies for this period.

Make sure to clean up all his poops immediately and dispose of them properly. Also, make sure to clean all and any surface the feces touches with an appropriate disinfectant, which unfortunately is typically diluted bleach. Or you can use accelerated hydrogen peroxide which is safer for use around pets.

For disinfecting the virus use accelerated hydrogen peroxide

Parvo can and will spread through the soil and will typically re-surface through rain water that is flooding the area, so try to avoid letting your puppy play in any puddles until they are for sure well over the disease for a month at least.

For any new home owners with dogs or a new puppy that even slightly suspect their yard may be contaminated, thoroughly cover the landscape with TekTrol and let sit for a week before bringing your puppy home. This is how serious this disease is! Ugh! I hate chemicals more than anything! Not sure what I would do. 

It is true and something to consider that treatment for the parvo virus can be highly expensive through an allopathic Veterinarian, and there is certainly no guarantee that your beloved puppy is not going to die anyway no matter how aggressively the Parvo is treated and how much you spend.

Keep in mind that it is passed by any type of dog-to-dog contact and contact- especially with contaminated feces, or their environments and people that have touch or walk in the places that it exists.

This deadly virus can contaminate everywhere dogs are and everything your dog touches, including:

  1. Bedding and kennel/crate surfaces
  2. All Feeding and watering bowls
  3. Collars, leashes, harnesses etc.
  4. All humans that pet or touch your dog and their clothing
  5. Dog parks
  6. Doggie daycare or boarding kennels
  7. Grooming shops
  8. Humane societies or animal rescue organizations

PARVO outbreak from vaccines - more and more cases of parvo happening 10-21 days after the parvo vaccine is being given. It is so frustrating with the system that insists on giving these vaccines even though more puppies and dogs are dying from it because it is being given that those who die without it.

Here is a time tested and successful protocol you should keep on hand in case your puppy comes in contact with dogs that have it - or are vaccinated to prevent it. We have successfully saved puppies this way - it is a lot of work so you better have help or you will get exhausted too . . .

Parvo Symptoms

Symptoms: lethargy - vomiting - not eating - not drinking - diarrhea -coughing with pneumonia like mucous.

It starts out with the first one and then graduates over a period of 5 days to all of the symptoms happening.

Parvo causes these similar symptoms in most all dogs, including:

  • Severe and usually bloody diarrhea
  • Intense Vomiting
  • Lethargy-sleeping
  • Fever and feeling very cold
  • no appetite

Dehydration can come on so quickly. This of course is a result of the watery and sometimes explosive diarrhea and intense vomiting, especially in very young.

This is why when treating your pet yourself you have to keep them very hydrated. Using a turkey baster if you have to – you must keep them hydrated. That is not often easy! That is why you need the lactated ringer bag on hand- to hydrate them with saline and a needle under the skin.

Most deaths from parvo happen within 48 to 72 hours after first signs of symptoms. That’s why it’s extremely critical that you take your pet to an emergency Vet clinic if he shows any signs of this infection.- or if you are able to home treat do extreme measures immediately. It is a great idea if you have or breed dogs or have puppies to have on hand the necessary remedies for treatment of Parvo and be well versed in what to do. It is an emergency and should be treated as such.

Colloidal silver is not a “guaranteed” cure for Parvo in dogs, as even veterinary treated dogs often die of Parvo (up to 80% of the time). But the anecdotal evidence for its ability to work on killing viruses is significant, as the example in the below video suggests. 

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