Raising A Super Natural Cat

Raising A Super Natural Cat

Posted by Jewel on Aug 23, 2023

At Holistic Pet Care our method and viewpoint is all about keeping up the high vibration, prevention and supporting the natural resistance of the cats body. Species appropriate raw feeding is the cornerstone of HighVibe Health. Along with an immune boosting lifestyle. Fresh air, exercise, good vibrations and sunbathing are essential in the natural lifestyle of a feline.

Veterinary intervention, if ever needed, should take into account the functioning of the whole body and focus on the elimination of the disease and not just on its symptoms. Whenever possible, non-invasive treatment should be chosen, in order to minimize the stress and the side effects for the animal.

A holistic approach acknowledges the huge impact the immune system has on the health of the body and focuses on keeping it as healthy as possible. The immune system is very sensitive to toxins, poor diet, stress and prolonged exposure to these things can seriously weaken it, leaving the body susceptible to recurrent infections and degenerative diseases.

Raise A Super Natural Cat

Is a super natural cat, apart from the ethical aspect, better than other Felines?

As in many other areas, the effort of raising a cat naturally and the sacrifice of time and effort is always tangible. First, such cats are for sure happy, joyful, loving and trusting pets. But the most important difference is their good health and strength. It should be noted at the same time that health is more than just the absence of disease. It's the energy and the guarantee of a long, good life. It is a calm, balanced character and a sense of harmony and joy of life on a daily basis. It is how the Nature expects all living creatures to be and it is what they deserve. Anyone looking for a new feline friend and family member should care about how the cat has been raised.

Natural High Vibe Health

Cats are by nature HighVibe, extremely resistant, strong and healthy. They are slender, agile and intelligent, curious and keen to play. Their fur and eyes shine. They are insensitive to changes in temperature and their digestive system’s high pH effectively eliminates parasites. The proper bacterial flora also prohibits bacteria, viruses or fungi from multiplying. This is a naturally healthy cat.

Unfortunately, our human lifestyle with its fast food, canned and kibble cat food, antibiotics, hormones, steroids, vaccines, sets up a great threat to this natural harmony. While adopting our lifestyles, cats also inherit all those diseases that come with it- such as obesity, depression, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more….. including an overall lack of energy and joy.

Make a change. Let your cat be as Nature intended.

Keep a watch out on our upcoming series of raising a supernatural cat featuring our very own Professor Silver Wolf Wu - Our Ninth Level Super Natural SIlver Bengal Guru. 

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