​Raw Feeding Info

​Raw Feeding Info

Posted by Jewel on Apr 14, 2023

For those just switching to raw feeding dogs here is some good info and some links to check out to get started. 

Most people switch their dogs cold turkey. They stop feeding kibble one day, and then start feeding raw the next. You could even fast the dog for a day before starting raw to give the dog's system time to clear out any remaining kibble 

Itis not recommended to add kibble with the raw. Why? Well, why continue to put that junk food into your dog's body and continue to cause insult and injury to your pet's digestive and immune systems?

Kibble and raw are two COMPLETELY different things, and it is best to just drop the kibble and pick up with raw. 

What should you do with the kibble? 

Do not keep it around! Donate it to your local animal shelter or simply put it in the trash. So now you are ready to begin. Start off slow for your own sake- just to keep it simple. 

The biggest mistake most "newbies" make is to add too much variety too soon!  Although the balance of muscle, bone and a small amount of organ meat is the goal- start with raw meaty bones like chicken necks is a good place to begin and slowly add variety. 

The result? 

A very rough transition that involves lots of midnight trips outside. So, start slowly. Pick one protein source and feed that for about a week (or more—it depends on your dog!). Many people start with chicken because it is an easily digestible protein source that is relatively inexpensive and is easy to get. 

But if you want to start with something different, like pork or beef, then by all means do so. Make sure to pick a raw meaty bone that is suitable for your dog. If you have a small dog, try a chicken neck, wing or even a thigh. If you have a Golden Retriever, try a chicken quarter. And always feed it raw and whole—none of this 'feed ground' business!

One of the main points of a raw diet is to give your dog a much-needed dental workout that cleans its teeth, prepares its digestive system for the incoming food, and satisfies the dog both mentally and physically. Personally for my dogs, I Do weigh out portions- I own a good cutting board and cleaver dedicated to the raw feeding area. 

There is a iphone app I have on my phone called 'raw pet' Raw Pet iOS App is Awesome! Check it out!


I have 5 small dogs and have four freezers full of meat I get from hunters and local farmers. I get very little from local butchers. Basically chop up meat, organs and bones everyday (although some raw feeders do it one day a month and refreshed in portions)




Raw feeding Cats:


For buying premades: 


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