Should I Spay My Female Dog?

Should I Spay My Female Dog?

Posted by Jewel on Apr 13, 2024

Choosing not to spay a female dog means opting to keep her intact with her natural hormonal balance, which can have several benefits for her overall health and physical development. Here are some considerations and challenges you might face if you decide against spaying:

Natural Growth and Development

  • Keeping a female dog intact preserves her natural hormones, which play a crucial role in her growth and development. Hormones regulate the closure of growth plates in bones, potentially reducing the risk of certain joint and bone disorders.

Estrous Cycle Management

  • An intact female dog will experience estrous cycles, commonly referred to as being "in heat," approximately every six months. Each cycle includes three phases:
    • Proestrus: The initial phase where males begin to be attracted to her, lasting about a week.
    • Estrus (Standing Heat): The phase in which the female is receptive to males and can conceive. This also lasts about a week.
    • Diestrus: The final phase where she gradually comes out of heat.

During these cycles, it's essential to manage her environment to prevent unwanted pregnancies. This includes keeping her away from unneutered male dogs during her receptive period.

Hygiene During Heat

  • Some female dogs may bleed during their heat cycle, although the amount varies. Owners can manage this with heat panties or by maintaining cleanliness around the house, such as using a special comforter cover for areas where the dog may rest. Many dogs keep themselves clean, minimizing the need for additional hygiene measures.

Health Considerations

  • One significant health risk for intact female dogs is pyometra, a serious uterine infection that can be life-threatening and may require emergency spaying. However, some believe that diet and overall health can influence the risk of pyometra. Dogs that are fed a raw diet, maintain a high vibrational lifestyle, and have minimal vaccinations may have a lower risk of developing this condition, although these factors are not universally accepted preventative measures.

By choosing not to spay, you accept the responsibility of managing her heat cycles and taking precautions to prevent health issues like pyometra. It's important to regularly monitor her health and keep your female healthy, happy and highvibe on a raw, species appropriate diet and keeping her on a natural health immune building lifestyle

 (Pic of my two unspayed female Toy Aussies, Jazzy and Jade)

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