​The Key To All Healing: A Strong Immune System

​The Key To All Healing: A Strong Immune System

Mar 21, 2022

Our pets need a strong immune system to live a Healthy, Happy, HighVibe life.

The immune system is what protects our dogs & cats from all the issues of today’s world- viruses, any and all types of pathogens and microbe overload to cancer cells growing out of control.

A tired, low vibe immune system plays a vital role in creating disease and failing health in general. Allopathic veterinarians often prescribe antibiotics “to fight infection and kill the bacteria taking over the system”. However, drugs don’t have any effect whatsoever on the cause that undermined the pet’s immunity originally. In the naturopathic approach we look at what is the cause of dis-ease and focus more on those things that affect the body’s natural defenses. Then if we need to add in natural support to help boost or repair the immune system, we can look at those options once we see the source.

The world is filled with disease-causing microbes, but our pet’s systems are designed with defenses to resist pathogens. In fact, no matter what your dog or cat is confronted with, his/her body is well-made to deal with those microscopic invaders. For example, when an animal eats a poison, or is given a medication, the liver will manufacture additional enzymes to help detoxify from the onslaught. Even something like a pulled muscle is rapidly provided with a surge in blood flow, which brings increased oxygen and nutrients to the area and carries off wastes. The body is a remarkably devised, highly functioning organism when in its running at its ideal higher vibrational frequency, that is nature’s perfect design.

The main cause of any pet’s illness is that some intrusive has happened to suppress the body’s natural healing ability – the immune system.

The immune system is a system of glands, nodes, and organs, and 80% of that immune system is housed in the gut, this ‘gut’ immune system is not just made up of friendly bacteria but of mucus membranes called the mucosal immune system. This entire system together works to defend the body from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other destructive organisms. The immune system needs a continuous stream of energy and nutrients to maintain optimum health and proper functioning.

The ’gut health’ plays a highly functional role in ongoing health. It is the mucosal immune system that is protecting the nasal passages, intestinal lining, and other susceptible surfaces of the body, it is often the very first part of the immune system to deal with microbial and/or viral invaders.

There is a natural symbiosis between the mucosal immune system and friendly microbes (which include probiotic bacteria) in the gut.

Every dis-ease could actually be thought of as an autoimmune disorder. When the immune system can’t fight off an issue that the body is dealing with something fails. The only line of defense a body has is its immune system.

When the immune system is working appropriately, our pets have a built-in capability to resist dis-ease.

The immune system defends the body in these 3 ways:

1. It creates a barricade, the first line of security against bacteria and viruses so they can’t get in the body.
2. If that bacteria or virus does get in and assault the body, the immune system can identify its presence and eradicate it before it does harm.
3. The immune system can continue to be effective against the virus or bacteria if they do begin to replicate and purge it.

Toxins in the animal’s home environment, often deprived of optimal nutrition, lack of or too much exercise, or any unnecessary stress can adversely affect the job of the immune system and can cause a deterioration in its proper function. Without the immune system working at prime levels, the body just naturally becomes vulnerable to illness, infections, and health issues.

Electrical Frequencies and High Vibes

Think about it that your pet’s body is made up of trillions of minute cells. These cells are made of atoms and atoms are made of electrical impulses spinning around each other in groups called protons, neutrons, and electrons.

The speed at which they spin around each other establishes an electrical frequency. When the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised. 

Therefore, keeping up the ‘HighVibe’ is of utmost importance.

Raising the undulating frequency and vibration of every cell in the body, we are rising the rate at which the immune system functions as well as eradicating the negative toxins that the body is working to eliminate. The “vibrations” that make up the memory of the cells of the animals body start producing different “memories.” This kind of frequency reprogramming helps the body to memorize the natural efficacy of the immune system and regenerate back to its original state. When unwanted intruders enter the body such as bacteria, viruses, or toxins they have dissimilar electrical frequencies than cells do. The distinctive different frequencies permit the immune system to recognise the invaders and attack them.

When the immune system is functioning normally or when the vibration is high, your dog or cat is in a state of HighVibe balance, in synchronization, in a state of homeostasis. However, when the immune system’s vitality is clogged or unbalanced because of poor nutrition, contact with toxic chemicals, undo stress or even an injury, our fur kids become vulnerable to dis-ease. Once they become ill, their vitality becomes even more unstable, making it much more difficult for them to recover their high vibration.

Everything our pets experience in a day, from the quality of food, walks, afternoon sunlight to an emotional upset, all can affect their innate immune balance. Everything going on with them; diet, environmental toxins, chemical exposure, and exercise, play substantial roles in defining whether pets get sick or stay healthy even when being exposed to a dis-ease.

How To Best Boost My Pet’s Immune System

In order to give assistance and “boost” the immune system, we have to support the whole animal inside and out! We ought to take a deeper look into all aspects of the dog-their digestion, internal organ health, the stress levels, the daily environment and consider the ‘Whole’ mind and body, not just the Immune system. It is the entire Being which gives the immunity strength and balance which reflects and protects the health of the whole being.

It can take time and patience to boost up weak or compromised immunity in your dog. That’s why children and puppies tend to get sicker than adults. They are in a process of building immunity - strengthening their immune systems by exposure. Contacting microorganisms, germs, and various viruses. The immune system will remember the “pathogens” and protect the body the next time it meets those same pathogens. Older, weaker and less healthy pets and people also can have inferior immune systems and are more vulnerable to all types of disease causing pathogens.

What are the steps can we can take to help build and strengthen your pet’s immune system?

  1. Feed raw, species appropriate nutrition – alive with natural enzymes and energetic frequencies! (Eliminate all cooked and processed diets and treats).
  2. Supplement only with natually sourced nutrients. Give probiotics and animal sourced digestive enzymes when necessary.
  3. Give daily Colloidal Silver to help with compromised immune systems to assist in removing the low lying pathogens causing internal issues.
  4. Eliminate household toxic chemicals as well as anything with an artificial fragrance
  5. Give your dog’s more exercise! More play time outside, more walks and fetching in the fresh air and sunshine is good for improving the whole-body well-being and keeping the lymph moving. Moderate but regular exercise is best overall.
  6. Proper rest and reducing any stress and exhaustion – stress can tear down and weaken the immune system.
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