​Why Do Our Pets Need To Be 'HighVibe' For Health?

​Why Do Our Pets Need To Be 'HighVibe' For Health?

Mar 14, 2022

The law of nature states that everything has a vibration. If you’ve taken a chemistry class you probably remember learning about atoms, and that everything is made up of atoms. These atoms are in a constant state of motion, and depending on the speed of these atoms, things are appearing as a solid, liquid, or gas.

Scientific research has shown that different parts and different organs of the body have their own vibrational/frequency signature.

In other words, the frequency of the cells of the heart vibrate at are different from the vibrational frequency of the cells of the Lungs.

When parts of the body become stressed or weakened, they are no longer producing the correct “frequency” of wellness; in other words, they are not vibrating at their prime (optimal) resonant frequency and there has been a loss of “balance” or harmony at the cellular level.

When the immune system is functioning properly or as this natural, built-in energy/electrical frequency is flowing freely, the body is balanced, in harmony, in a state of homeostasis. However, when the immune system’s energy is blocked, suppressed, weakened or unbalanced; due to a poor biological biome brought on by such things as poor nutrition, exposure to toxic chemicals, the use of antibiotics, wormers, pesticides, emotional stress or injuries, our pets become vulnerable to illness. Once they get sick, the body’s vibrational frequencies become even lower and even more unbalanced; making it that much harder for them to recover.

Everything our animals (or we ourselves) experience in a day, from the quality of afternoon sunlight to an emotional upset, can actually affect the body’s internal balance and thus the immune system. In fact, every day things such as diet fed, environmental toxins, toxic chemical exposure and even the amount of exercise or lack thereof, play highly important roles in determining whether our companion animals get sick or stay healthy even when being exposed to a dis-ease.

Pathogens have a low-frequency. Pollutants – both particulate and radiation (EMF) will lower a healthy body frequency.

Processed/cooked and/or canned foods having a frequency of “zero” and can greatly diminish an animals’ own frequency.

Even thoughts and feelings have a vibratory quality that forms a measurable frequency!

A negative mental state can lower an animal’s (or person’s) frequency. The normally harmonious. coherent frequencies of the body can easily go out of “tune” when ever our pets (or ourselves) experience physical or emotional stress. A blockage of the flow of life energy – characterized by inflammation, irritation and illness – are often the result.

When dis-ease and illness are present, they may manifest as chemical imbalances. But underlying this is an electromagnetic imbalance that has altered the specific vibrational frequencies of biological terrain – molecules, cells, tissues and organs within the body.

Dr. Royal R. Rife, a brilliant physician and scientist in the 1920’s, found that every health disorder has a frequency, and that frequency is below the normal frequency that the body normally resonates at. He also found that certain high frequencies can prevent further development of disorders, by raising the body’s frequencies back into harmony/balance.

When the body is vibrating at a lower than normal, healthy frequency, the animal is not thriving and is open to the over-growth of microbes and viruses. Pests and parasites who recognize these low frequencies become more attracted to that animal.

Only a substance with a higher frequency can raise a lower frequency due to the principle of “entrainment” – the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony.

Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are one good example of a substance with high frequencies that can lock the lower body frequency into phase and raise it to vibrate higher and balanced again.

Feeding a totally raw, species specific diet (dogs are carnivores) will also go a very long way in raising the body’s frequency and improve the microbiome of the gut.

This above article is from my Mentor and Teacher Dr. Jeannette Thomason, who passed away last week.  I am sharing some of her posts on this site to keep the information in circulation 

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