Benefits of Colloidal Silver for Dogs

Benefits of Colloidal Silver for Dogs

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Nov 29th 2020

Colloidal silver works well externally for cuts, scrapes, wounds, abscesses, insect bites, burns, hot spots, rashes, and skin infections, including ringworm, mange, and yeast infections, as well as candida albicans and other skin irritations.

These can be cleansed with a colloidal silver spray. The CS may be given internally as well. Internally, colloidal silver works for healing stomach aches, coughs, flus, salmonella, E coli, cancer and more.

Here are some ways colloidal silver for dogs can be used:

Ear infections

Eye issues, including tear stains, pink eye, conjunctivitis and more

Coughs, including kennel cough

All viral, bacterial and fungal infections


Insect bites

Hot spots


Wounds, cuts, and all infections

Eczema and other chronic and autoimmune skin diseases


Digestive upsets

Fevers and flu

Thyroid disorders

Parasite infestations (add to DE for worming)

Lyme disease

Colloidal Silver is very easy to administer to dogs. Since it is mostly tasteless, dogs often will just drink it out of your hand or a small bowl. Or it can be added to your dog’s water bowl or given with an oral syringe.

I have seen many websites out there recommending 3-5 drops of colloidal silver for dogs 3 times a day. In my opinion, that’s a nonsensical dose even for a small dog. It might be enough for an infant pup of a small breed. For an average sized dog, you are going to need much more than a few drops in order for the colloidal silver to attack the pathogen effectively.

The method I recommend to all my customers when treating an acute condition, is this: colloidal silver should be given 5-7 times a day if possible. This is what I call “going after the offending pathogen aggressively.” When there is a situation that needs immediate attention, give higher doses and give them more frequently. Unlike drugs, your dog is not going to overdose on colloidal silver. It has no known side effects for dogs, either.

Large dogs can take 20 ml several times a day. This is two fill-ups of the oral syringes that comes with our Colloidal Silver for Pets. Small dogs can take 10 ml several times a day.

If your dog is not showing improvement or any obvious results within a couple days, increase the dose.

There is a wide range of ppm (parts per million) of colloidal silver on the market. Ours is 20 ppm, which is perfect for pets.

For most healing situations (unless for acute conditions needing more), use the following:

Small-breed dogs should receive 10 ml, 2-3 x daily

Medium-sized dogs should receive 20 ml, 2-3 x daily

Large dogs may receive 20- 30 ml, 2-3 x daily

If your dog is sick or showing signs of an extreme condition, use the following dosage schedules (however, I suggest in this case getting a diagnosis from a vet first, then once you know what you are treating, you can avoid giving drugs if possible and treat with colloidal silver):

Small breed dogs - 10 ml, 5-7 daily

Medium-sized dogs - 30 ml, 5-7 daily

Large-breed dogs - 40 to 50 ml, 5-7 daily