Calendula Tincture for Dogs & Cats


Calendula Tincture- 2 oz size. Extra Strength- double succus- Extracted in Organic Alcohol

Calendula is an important remedy to have on hand for all dog lover’s. It’s known as very safe for most pets and can be given internally to aid in digestion and to help reduce swelling in the lymph nodes, to help move lymph, post-infection as a lymphatic drainer. Is helpful for Irritable Bowel Disease, colitis, fungal and bacterial infection; for lingering low grade infection, dental and mouth infections, bile stimulator especially useful with poor fat digestion and constipation, flavonoid content supports venous and capillary integrity; helps with cancer where there is gastric concern and/or bleeding.

Calendula does have some salicylic acid, which is also in aspirin, and is good for relieving pain. In general it has amazing healing powers due to its antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal and astringent properties. Very similar to colloidal silver in that sense.

Those properties contained within flowers of calendula work together very effectively to both ease swelling of inflamed tissue and stave off infection. Also helps rebuild skin cells and stabilize mucous membranes.

Calendula Tincture Uses

Internally, the Calendula tincture may be used treat inflammation or ulceration of the digestive or urinary tracts, where it assists with the drainage of lymph-engorged tissues and reduces inflammation. For these reasons, calendula preparations have been shown to be effective in the treatment of chronic colitis.

Calendula tincture may prove beneficial in the treatment ofcandidiasis. The antifungal qualities of this herb also make it a possible option for topical treatment of chromomycosis, an infection of the skin that occurs from various fungi origins.

Calendula tincture is beneficial to cats and dogs for the reversal of numerous skin and tissue conditions. Calendula soothes dog skin irritations while replenishing elasticity and promoting new skin tissue growth.

For cats we recommend to use calendula with some caution; because the calendula flower does contain those small amounts of salicylic acid, it can be potentially harmful to cats when used regularly.

However, internal short term use of calendula, will in most cases be very helpful for cats, but longer-term usage could be a problem.

Topical treatment with calendula is highly recommended however. Wounds as minor as flea bites or scratches disappear quickly with a dab of calendula oil or salve.

Suggested dose is 1/2 to 2 mls per 20 pounds, in divided doses three times daily. You might think about the high end if using alone, and the low end in formula – and don’t use alcohol tincture if a dog has reflux, ulcerative colitis, or liver disease. In those cases use glycerite or water-based infusions.