Calendula Herbal Infused Oil for Dogs

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Calendula Oil for Dogs (or cats), our calendula infused oil is a wonderful additive to any holistic first aid kit for pets.

Calendula is one of our very favorites for first aid of wounds, cuts and more.

Our Calendula oil is from Calendula officinalis, steeped in organic olive oil. Calendula oil is beneficial to cats and dogs for the reversal of numerous skin and tissue conditions. Calendula soothes skin irritations while replenishing elasticity and promoting new skin tissue growth.

Calendula is one of the safest herbs to use. It should not, however, be given internally to pregnant animals.

Calendula infused oil is one of the most effective remedies known for the treatment of wounds. Although it has no antibiotic properties (it does not have the ability to kill or slow the growth of living organisms, calendula seems to help prevent infection by somehow triggering the release of the body’s own antibiotic substances.

Calendula also helps stop bleeding and promotes tissue granulation so that cuts and burns can heal properly. It even helps prevent proud flesh (an overgrowth of granulation tissue, an angry red color, laden with tiny blood vessels that bleed easily). Because of these properties, any wound from a minor scrape to a deep, serious gash can benefit from the use of this medicinal herb.

Cleansing solutions made from calendula can also be very useful. wounds, rashes, ulcers (internal and external) as a rinse for conjunctivitis, as an oil to swab in inflamed ears or gums; Internally for IBD, all kinds of colitis, fungal and bacterial infection; post-infection as a lymphatic decongestant or for lingering low grade infection(excellent with dental issues) mild cholagogue especially useful with poor fat digestion and constipation, flavonoid content supports venous and capillary integrity; useful with cancer where there is gastric distress and/or bleeding.

Use as needed like a salve. It is used topically for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Apply calendula-infused olive oil to cuts and other injuries. The macerated oil softens skin and speeds healing. Calendula  can accelerate wound healing.  you can use it for anything – cuts, burns, sores, cracked paw pads, scrapes, abrasions, and scratches.