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Dog Calming Spray Infusion- 8 oz Aromatherapy Treatment

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Our dogs, just like us, can get stressed and anxious over new situations. All kinds of conditions cause stress for our canine companions. Like a new home, or visitors coming to stay, often dogs are affected by thunderstorms, or separation anxiety.

These types of stressors like this can cause destructive or unwanted behaviours like peeing inside or whining or barking excessively, panting, trembling, or chewing.

Our Dog calming Infusion works wonderfully for general stress, separation anxiety, and noise phobias like thunderstorms or fireworks.

 There are a many options to deal with anxiety in dogs. Most veterinarians will prescribe a daily drug to suppress anxiety. However, these have many unwanted side effects, besides being costly.

 Our Dog Calming Infusion is made 'High-Vibe' structured pure distilled water infused with gemstone essences as well as therapeutic grade essential oils and flower essences 

This blend includes YL essential oils:

Blue Cypress:  Grounding and calming

Cistus: Calming to the nerves, yet at the same time gently uplifting

Valerian: Reduces nervous disorders, helps to stimulate restful, thorough, undisturbed sleep.

Vetiver: Helps with anxiety - has many soothing properties.  it’s known to help with insomnia and stress

Petitgrain: Known for it's calming and relaxing benefits

Sweet marjoram: Calms emotions and eases nervous reactions

Geranium: Balances the emotions

Also includes Flower Essences:

Vervain: Good for high strung dogs-nervous or pushy dogs- restores restraint

Star of Bethlehem: Helps restore mental, emotional and mental calmness

Rock Rose: Remedies fear and panic

Impatiens: Restores patience, calm and co-operation

Cherry Plum: Restores calmness and control

Made with Gemstone Essences of:

Amethyst: is a member of the quartz family and has a quality of “ease.”  It can ease fear, panic attacks and separation anxiety.

Clear Quartz: is known to help alleviate emotional extremes, speed up healing, and boost the immune system. 

Rose Quartz: Helps your dog with accepting love and companionship without connecting it with fear. It helps to relief fear, replacing it with feelings of confidence and love. 

Shake well before using. Dog Calming Spray can be sprayed onto the dog, on the pads of their feet or into your hands and massaged into your dog’s neck and chest, sprayed on bedding, or misted into the air.

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