Holistic Flea & Tick Spray


Our new Holistic Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs 

 Our 100% natural flea control and tick killer is made with colloidal silver, apple cider vinegar, neem oil & organic essential oils of cedar wood, peppermint and geranium.

This is a powerhouse combination that really kills and repeals if used often even when there is a need - (Can be used daily during a flea outbreak)

 Our flea and tick spray is formulated to protect all dog breeds. (Cats can be sensitive to some essential oils - this might be too strong for cats)

Works to kill and Repel:




and other Stinging Insects

Safe enough to use on puppies, 32 oz. with Pump Sprayer 

 This holistic flea control remedy blocks a specific neurotransmitter in insects, which regulates their nervous system and allows them to function. When exposed to these botanical ingredients insects – including fleas, ticks, mosquitoes & flies – lose their ability to function… and quickly die.

This holistic flea control & tick remedy is a proven blend of  100% totally natural ingredients & plant extracts.

Made in Oregon USA with local ingredients, our Holistic Flea and Tick spray is  carefully, hand made to human grade standards.

Made with: 

Colloidal silver, neem oil, apple cider vinegar with cedar oil, geranium oil and peppermint oil

Now you can eliminate harmful fleas & ticks without harming your Furkids

(Shake well before use)



Holistic Flea & Tick Spray  is an oil-in-water solution that you spray on your pet. Holistic Flea & Tick Spray is a healthy, convenient, premium product made with the same high standards as those applied to products made for human use.

Use as often as needed, depending on your pet’s outdoor activities, spray liberally but not to the point of saturation. Begin spraying your pet at the tail and continue with the entire coat, including legs and under body. Then pamper your pet by hand fluffing the fur in the opposite direction it normally lays to assure penetration to the skin.

The active ingredients in Holistic Flea & Tick Spray are organic and natural. Contact with your skin or your pet’s skin is harmless. Your home will fill with the rich aroma of cedar oil and peppermint oil, like a log cabin filled with candy canes.

 And unlike the toxic chemical brand name pesticides, our “mode of action” for killing fleas and ticks is NOT through the product entering your pet’s blood stream. Instead, Holistic Flea & Tick Spray kills fleas and ticks on contact, then is absorbed into the animal’s hair follicles like thousands of tiny wicks to create a no-entry barrier to insects.

Here are 13 ways to use natural flea prevention for dogs as well as some natural flea treatments:  

  1. Feed a raw species-appropriate diet. See more info here about the raw food diet.
  2. Remove all chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, all toxic cleaners – stop using spot on topical or flea pills.( these not only have toxic side effects they also lower their vibration and make them more susceptible to pests in the long run) 
  3. Stop vaccinating your pets and wean off all pharmaceutical drugs.  More info on  vaccination.
  4. Give organic garlic every day. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes before adding it to your dog’s meal. A large dog can eat two decent-sized cloves of garlic daily while a small dog or cat can have one small clove.
  5. Add B-Vitamin supplements to their diet- nutritional yeast is a popular form. Add 1 t. to 1 tablespoon to food once per day depending on size of dog. 
  6. Adding apple cider vinegar about I - 2 tablespoon to their bowl daily seems to deter fleas due to the fact fleas do not like it! 
  7. Bath your dog frequently when fleas are present. See above recipe- always use a non-detergent shampoo like a Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap-or an organic dog shampoo if you don't have time to make your own.
  8. Use our Holistic spray or another cedar essential oil spray or the make your own. Use after the bath and before going out to the dog park or hikes.  
  9. Essential oils that help for dogs: Lemongrass, rosemary, cedar, geranium oil for ticks.  Mix with a carrier oil and apply to their collars, bandana, wipe them down with it before going out to tick and flea infested areas. Take the collar off after returning home so dog doesn't have to inhale essential oils all day.
  10. Vacuum your house and pet’s living quarters daily if possible- wash the pet’s bedding regularly
  11. Sprinkle carpets with borax, salt or baking soda and let set for 2-3 days or so before you vacuum it up to kill the fleas. If you have carpets shampoo your carpets with 20 MuleTeam Borax added to the water. (Rent a shampooer for this unless you own one) 
  12. Diatomaceous earth is best used outside around yard in cracks and crevices. Just  sprinkle the DE powder where fleas are usually found. This could be in the grass in your yard, your carpets in your home or even the areas where your pets sleep and play. 
  13. Purchase a batch of nematodes for the yard area - Beneficial Nematodes are live microscopic organisms (non-segmented round worms) that occur naturally in soil everywhere..