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By raising immunity with colloidal silver for pets as well as educating

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Holistic Puppy Pack


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Our Holistic Puppy Pack comes with natural puppy care tips- it includes a 16 oz size natural De-Wormer, 32 oz Colloidal Silver and 2 homeopathic Nosodes to be given instead of vaccinations for distemper and parvo, while building natural immunity.

A nosode can be used as a vaccine alternative. Like a vaccine, it has a small portion of the disease itself but it is an infinitesimal amount and is diluted in such a way that it's really more the energy of the disease that is left and promotes the body's defenses. (Like a homeopathic remedy) It is also given orally instead of by injection.


How and When to Use Nosodes    

These are great for those with puppies who have had no vaccines and don't want to have vaccines for parvo and distemper, but they want to take some extra measures to protect.  

You’d use distemper 30c, or distemperinum 30c, the nosode, as well as parvovinum, the parvo nosode, or parvo 30C.

You would alternate weeks You’d give two doses of the 30c parvo one week, the following week give two doses, say a Wednesday and a Saturday, give two doses of the distemperinum. And   keep fluxing back and forth, week to week, one then the other, and give these up to 9 months of age, when we really consider that window of susceptibility to have closed.  



You build that natural immunity by feeding balanced raw diets ( getting plenty of organ meat for vitamins and minerals) , avoiding vaccines (which causes immune confusion), and avoiding the usual chemical pesticides for worming as well as for fleas, ticks and heart worm. Raising the vibration and giving protection with immune boosters such as colloidal silver, medicinal mushrooms, glandulars, fulvic minerals etc.


All beings were created with a strong immune system. If we take care of this omnipotent system the way we should, it, in turn, will take care of us. People and animals who start eating fresh, raw foods, get plenty of exercise and practice natural health care will immediately begin to flourish. This is the way to take care of our pets immune systems.

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