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Are you Satisfied with Conventional Veterinarian Care?

Are you Satisfied with Conventional Veterinarian Care?

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Nov 21st 2016

Conventional Veterinarian Care is designed to make money on pet disease. The holistic Pet Care approach is proactive and based on focusing on maintaining our pet’s health.

The goal of proactive holistic pet care and alternative medicine is to maintain healthy, resilient dogs and cats whose little bodies are able to handle the pathogens they encounter.

In the natural order of things most animal’s have built into the system an innate capacity to heal themselves. Holistic treatments are about what works with that natural healing ability; most conventional Veterinarian Care most often works against it.

The truth be told, it truly seems that the Western medicine approach has created a sorry state of health for pets across the USA – obesity, diabetes, Cushing’s disease, chronic allergies, seizures, arthritis, and more. We’ve come to accept as “normal” that most 8 year-old large breed dogs are severely arthritic. But that’s not normal – we’ve created the problem through mismanagement of the health of animals.

The unbelievable amount of pet cancer we’re seeing, combined with the limitations of treatment and the poor prognosis many animals have even with treatment, could be one thing that encourages more traditional veterinarians in the direction of alternative medicine.

The vast majority of the traditional Veterinarians are good people who truly want to help their patients and have pure intentions to do the right thing by our pets. They themselves are disheartened and frustrated when they can’t go out of the box they are so tightly knitted into. As the number of cancer cases continues on the uprise, it’s possible more conventional veterinarians will open their minds to the idea of focusing on true health care vs. treating fighting disease. As a profession it needs to take a closer look at what they are doing that could be causing the diseases we see so often in our pets of today.

Rather than just going along with the “norm” that 25 percent of all pets will get cancer, or 50 percent will be obese, we need to take a step back and question why this is happening.

Why are animals in the wild not dealing with these same disorders pets and captive animals deal with? What’s different about their lifestyles? What is the cause and contributing factors to the illness in animals dependent on people vs. animals dependent on their natural environs to survive?

And organizations like the AHVMA Foundation can help promote the notion that “No, this level of illness in animals is anything BUT normal.” These trends can be reversed. There are tools available. Holistic and integrative practitioners use them everyday in their practices.

Pet owners not content to accept the new “normal” can also motivate traditional vets to pursue alternative therapies with greater interest.

What do you think and feel about Conventional Veterinarian care?