Colloidal Silver For Dogs with Hot Spots and Itchy Skin

Colloidal Silver For Dogs with Hot Spots and Itchy Skin

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Oct 24, 2020

Colloidal silver is an excellent topical treatment for hot spots and itchy skin issues.  It is very cooling and soothing to your pet while at the same time it can heal the irritated skin by repairing any tissue damage and killing germs and bacteria. I have personally seen hot spots dry up overnight after only one application of colloidal silver spray.

Hot spots are often started from a flea infestation, but not always. A hot spot, is a type of moist dermatitis or what the vets call, pyotraumatic dermatitis.  This is a type of skin infection that is very common in dogs. It often occurs when the dog's skin bacteria overrun the body's own natural immune defenses to repair the damaged tissue.

This nasty skin trauma is most often started by your furkid chewing, licking, scratching and gnawing at itself. Sometimes it is just a nervous reaction to something or can also be cause from boredom, being left alone too long etc.

They are irritated and made worse because the dogs own skin bacteria overpopulates and grows out of control. This is typically due to the body's own immunity being poor.  Something is causing the depletion of the dogs vitality and natural defense system to be out of  sorts.  The most common reasons are  flea bites, wrong diet, periodontal disease and even a possible underlying, low lying pathogens internally.

The holistic treatment for dealing with hot spots on dogs is to treat the whole system, in other words, yes the hot spot itself, externally needs to be treated. And most importantly the immune system itself needs to be supported and boosted back to full vitality and to the High Vibe state. 

Of course, as in any holistic treatment one has to get to the source of  what is the root cause of the problem - you need to find out what caused this health concern in the first place so that it doesn’t reoccur once it is treated. This is also true of any type of itchy skin condition your pet may be dealing with, including itchy paws.

The most likely cause, however, is flea bites. Or other insect bite. They can also be caused from allergies, often to the ingredients in kibble and other poor grade pet foods.

Then it sets up an issue with excess moisture in the coat causing matted fur, saliva underneath, trapped in the coat.  Wounds or scrapes and then excessive licking of the area can cause an aggravated hot spot as well.  or excessive humidity in the environment can all be sources for a hot spot to develop. 

These hot spots can be super irritating for a dog, causing excessive to scratching, licking or chewing the affected area. By allowing your dog to lick and chew, the hot spot can grow quite quickly.  

Colloidal silver for dogs with hot spots and itchy skin can be a quick and painless treatment. I have also used apple cider vinegar on hot spots, but it really can burn that sensitive skin and make your furry friend hide when they see you coming!

Colloidal silver on the other hand is soothing and cooling and dogs actually love it when you spray or dab it on as it it gives instant relief. 

Give colloidal silver internally as well 3-4 times a day for a couple weeks, as well as boosting the immune system in other ways, through raw feeding, medicinal mushrooms, colostrum, probiotics and enzymes. As well as a good natural flea control program if that is the underlying issue. 

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