Colloidal Silver For Pets Eyes

Colloidal Silver For Pets Eyes

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Sep 21, 2021

Colloidal silver for eye infections, pink eye, scratches, ulcers, cornea issues, even cataracts and more…..

Colloidal silver has been known to help treat all these eye concerns.

Colloidal silver is also helpful for certain allergies that have different types of inflammation affecting the dog or cats eyes and even helps with tear staining. It can be applied directly into the eyes without concern or fear of hurting or stinging your pet's eyes!

I have personally used colloidal silver for pets in our dogs’ eyes for an eye ulcer, inflammation caused from sand in the eyes, pink eye, cataracts and other eye infections successfully with fast, sometimes almost immediate results.

I had an experience with an eye ulcer several years ago that my Pomeranian Juniper got from a scratch from a puppy's claw in her eye.

It turned into an ulcer, which of course I took her to the vet for. We tried all the allopathic vet's medicines and protocol, as I wanted to make sure I was doing the best I could to heal this awful eye infection. My conventional veterinarian tried everything, debriding the eye, antibiotic drops, but it wasn't getting better. At that point I wasn't using the colloidal silver as I wanted to follow the doctor's orders for healing her eye and didn't want to mix it up.

Although finally at a certain point when I saw that the allopathic method was not working I went ahead with the holistic methods I knew of ( which I should have done from the very beginning but since it was her eye, I was scared to not get it right)

I decided to try the DMSO 10% mixed with 90% colloidal silver- drops in her eyes 3-4 times a day. Then at night 2 drops of castor oil. In less then a week the ulcer was gone. After almost a month of going back and forth to the conventional vet for all kinds of failed treatments.

After that I was totally a firm believer in healing eyes with this holistic method. We now sell the DMSO/Colloidal silver eye drops here:  Cataract and Eye Ulcer Drops

My sister used this same mixture for her horse that had an old eye injury before she got him. His eyes were both affected from the accident he'd had gotten into before she rescued him.She used colloidal silver and the colloidal silver for pets mixed with DMSO 15% DMSO and 85% CS and his eyes( before pic) finally started to look so much better.

Levi, her horse's eyes are never going to be 100% but he is be so much better after the silver/DMSO treatments


Many customers ask me about using colloidal silver for pets to remove tear staining (because it doesn’t sting or burn, it can be dropped directly into the eyes as well as wipe all around the eye area)

Spray or drop colloidal silver 3 times daily in and around the pets tear stained eyes. Also give colloidal silver orally as well 3 times daily until the staining has cleared up.

Clean your pet’s face with colloidal silver. Apply a little of the colloidal silver to a cotton ball and wipe your pet’s face. Colloidal silver has antimicrobial properties and will help reduce the yeast infections and moist dermatitis that can can cause the staining in the corners of your dog or cat's eyes.

Colloidal Silver for Pink Eye

Pink eye is basically conjunctivitis. Which is redness of the eye. If your pet is experiencing eye redness then you can put 2-3 drop of Colloidal silver in their eye 3-4 times a day at least to reduce the infection and inflammation.

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