The Scoop on Vaccinations

The Scoop on Vaccinations

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Sep 02, 2020

The essential problem is that vaccination, truthfully leads to weakening of the immune system and the dog or cats very DNA becomes affected by the onslaught of toxins injected into the body.

It’s honestly all programming (and money) The truth is with some veterinarians and the veterinary industry at large; It has become a trend to use fear tactics and coercion to get you to vaccinate and of course re-vaccinate your companion animals on a regular basis.

There can be no question as to whether or not that vaccines have saved many lives, but they also have the potential to cause serious side effects. There are a multitude of side effects and some are very serious. How can we know if our pet is going to be a victim of the side effects or not?

Vaccines compromise the immune system. Every time a symptom is suppressed that the body produces, with an antibiotic or a synthetic medication, you are lowering the health status of the entire bodily system.

Consequently, the overall health of a given population of animals becomes compromised in the long run. In an attempt to control a naturally occurring process called ‘disease’, caused from weakened immunity, the veterinary institution has convinced people that mass series of vaccines are for the good of all pets, without taking the health of each individual into account.

Vaccinosis is what can happen after the administering of a vaccine or set of common pet vaccines. These symptoms are also called adverse reactions or health issues that can occur within minutes, days or weeks after the inoculation. However, in many cases symptoms are not seen for years later particularly in dogs or cats that have been repeatedly vaccinated year after year.

While we have all been conditioned into believing that vaccinations have eradicated or reduced the incidence of severe, acute disease processes and viruses, the result has in reality, been just the opposite – they have only served to create a new affliction upon our pets of more health issues and chronic diseases that lower immunity and the overall lifeforce of our precious fur kids.

Natural, or inherent, immunity is part of a biological, balanced state of our dog or cat’s bodily system. Natural immunity occurs when the body’s genetic defenses work together to fight infection or disease, keeping viruses, bacteria, fungus etc in balance and preventing unwanted pathogenic invasion. This type of immunity is a pre-existing and natural defense mechanism that is inherited by offspring from their parents. Numerous influences such as nutrition, fitness, even social and emotional conditions, affect their natural immunity and ability to stay healthy.

The best approach to a healthy animal with a strong immune system is by feeding your carnivore pet a species appropriate, raw diet of fresh meats, rich in nutrients that are easily digested and assimilated (raw meat, organs and bones for the carnivores), while completely circumventing vaccinations and allopathic medications. We can also give immune boosters such as colloidal silver to help the natural immunity as puppies and kittens are building their strong immune systems.

Veterinarians are NOT taught in vet school how to keep an animal well or much at all about nutrition which is or should be absolutely what health care needs to be about, they are taught about disease and sickness management through the use of synthetic drugs, which are typically toxic, and mostly about using medications and surgery to try to resolve health concerns. They only know how to palliate, destroy or mask the symptoms; most allopathic veterinarians are not able to cure or rebuild the pet to well being or perfect health.

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