Is Distilled Water Safe To Drink? Yes- Especially for Pets

Is Distilled Water Safe To Drink? Yes- Especially for Pets

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Feb 14th 2018

Water... An element so necessary for our pets - yet it is typically just taken for granted by most pet parents.

Many customers ask me these questions: What is the best water to give our dogs and cats? Is distilled water safe to drink? My answer- definitely Yes to distilled water as the best choice for pets.

Most pet guardians probably go to the tap or water faucet outside and fill their pet’s bowl every morning without giving it a second thought. I hope this post gets you thinking...

Is tap water really harmless for my cat or dog?

Yes it is true that many people these days are aware of the concerns about water purity and the dangers of chlorinated, fluoridated tap water. There is now a big trend towards drinking filtered and bottled water, but do most health conscious people think about what their pets are drinking on a regular basis?

Over the decades, many authorities on water have raised concerns about hard water and its impact on a variety of health issues including heart disease, fertility, alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, digestive issues and eczema. Hard water is tap water, well water, groundwater and even some filtered water that still has ‘hard’ minerals in it.

Translate these human diseases to pets and wow! Could simple drinking water be causing some pet health issues as well?

If you live in the U.S.A., chances are about 70% that your animals get hard water and chlorinated water with fluoride in their daily water bowl.

Giving your dog or cat pure water is an important part of holistic health care.

A dog or a cat’s life is a very condensed span of time. They are affected much faster by everything that goes into their body. It all happens so rapidly due to this quickening of their shorter lifespan.

If what goes in is unpure it collects in the cells and joints as toxins very quickly and the effects are more immediate than with a human. Just compare their 10-20 years to our 70-80 or so years.

There is so much foreign impurities still left in even filtered tap water. Filtered water is by no means pure. (of course this also depends on the quality of the filter you use and if you change the filter frequently enough)

Even the minerals in filtered water can contribute to kidney stones, calcification, arthritis, bone spurs, urinary tract infections, incontinence, cystitis and more.

I thought I’d had a pretty good quality filter system, until I started distilling the filtered water and was surprised to see how much gunk was left behind.

Drinking the Purest Water Possible is Very Important to our Companion Animals Health!

The significance of water in our pet’s diet is not limited to water purity alone. Water is a carrier in their bodies. Did you know that water is considered the universal solvent? If it is not pure it cannot work as a solvent the way nature intended it.

Water is meant to take on and carry electromagnetic frequency in order to promote and enhance biologic energy storage that is vital to ‘High-Vibe’ wellness and the immune strength of the your pets entire bodily system.

The ideal purest water, to allow this to happen most effectively in your dog or cats body, is steam distilled water.

Back to this question: Is Distilled Water Safe To Drink?

Why steam distilled water? Because distilled water, being free of all impurities, not just because of lack of minerals so much as ( which is super important to not have a bunch of gunk to cause joint issues etc) because of the higher vitality and frequency level the comes with the wetter, purer water.

This means distilled water will transport through the animal's body, better than other types of water, ( filtered, spring, well, RO, tap) which are all lower in the ability to to be a conduit for the high frequencies.

Additionally, in order for water to be the most efficient, as it moves through the entire bodily system and especially the liver it must be fully available to be an energy carrier.

However, this trait of the water our pets consume goes both ways. Water’s ability to remove toxins also gives it the ability of carrying quite a bit of toxic junk into their tiny systems, as well.

One main function of water is to carry nutrients throughout your dog or cat’s organs and blood and lymph 

Waterwise distiller

systems within the body where those nutrients are most needed.

Then that water is needed to transport all the metabolic waste-products and various toxins from throughout the system to the eliminative organs to be removed from the animals body.

So...In order to do this most effectively that water must be void of all those hard minerals and toxic chemicals already in tap water.

If it is not, their body has to first "distill" its own water before being able to process it, which uses up a lot of extra metabolic energy.

There is much ongoing controversy over the actual usefulness of the minerals found in water, but because of the necessity for water to be "empty", water is not an essential source of minerals for our pets as many people seem to think.

They get minerals from food they eat and I add minerals back into the water as well. ( see more here)

I use distilled water for myself and my dogs. Yes, In spite of the fact that it is highly debated in the pet care circles. There is much that is not true floating around in cyberspace. Especially the idea that distilled water ’robs’ minerals. How is that even possible? That notion is completely unscientific and is akin to an old wife’s tale.

Distilled water cleanses and detoxifies a dog or cats entire body. As I mentioned above water is the universal solvent, it is exceptionally stable and can transport many diverse substances, either in solution or in suspension without being permanently altered itself.

All of the above are strong motivations why giving your ‘Furry Family’ ( as well as your human family and yourself) the purest drinking water possible. It is of the utmost is importance for your cat or dog’s vitality and High-Vibe health.

So let’s recap on the the best, pure water for pets and answer the question: Is distilled water safe to drink?

Yes! By all means do not be afraid to switch to distilled water!

When though most vets or even holistic vets don’t give much credence to what water to give your pets most will tell you that giving your dog filtered or bottled water rather than straight tap water is very important. My guess that is mostly to avoid chemicals like fluoride that can be very damaging to your dog’s health. However, most pet experts are not aware of the benefits of giving them distilled water….yet. They most likely are not even aware of the study’s that have been done that shows there is probably a correlation between water and urinary health issues in especially cats and in dogs as well.

So with all the evidence and information I have studied and gathered as well as through my own experience with it, I know the importance and safety for using the purest water possible to give your pet on a daily basis.

But if you are not convinced, do your research, (READ MORE HERE: Ask The Experts)  Also go ahead and give your dog or cat extra organic minerals in their water or food- use any of these: fulvic, humic, Concentrace, (see bottle images below)  diatomaceous earth, azomite or other natural mineral sources for your pets. ( click on bottle of fulvic minerals to the left to purchase on amazon) 

Again, remember this: hard tap and many well water sources have been linked to medical conditions such as urinary tract infections, cystitis, urinary obstruction, cloudy urine and lots of other diseases.

If you choose distilled water for your pet, however, do make sure you get an affordable home distiller and distill it yourself. DO NOT rely on distilled water from plastic bottles at the store. You can purchase a home distiller on amazon or eBay for around $70-$90.

Or you can look into a higher end distiller like the the one below, which is what I have.  The Waterwise 7000 series is a wonderful distiller that offers a whole house pump which 

7000 series distillerenables you to have distilled water on tap throughout your home; in your kitchen, wet bar—up to 5 locations. Just put the 7000 in a garage, basement, laundry, or other out-of-the-way location.

Then allow the Remote Faucet Pump System to deliver distilled water to a gooseneck faucet at your sink and to your icemaker for pure, delicious, crystal clear ice cubes. (Click on pic to see this distiller for sale) 

Since distilled water is so purified, many nutritional experts suggest it is “empty” water. This quality of distilled water makes it an excellent detoxifier and body cleanser, with the ability to carry away impurities from a pet’s body. Detoxification is the most important function of water.

A good filtered water is next best. ( which means a very good, high end filtration system- not just filtered through a refrigerator filter or something like a Brita filter) However, distilled water is the purest form of water without any toxins or other gunk in there.

Please at least, make sure your pets water is filtered, clean, fresh and free from harmful contaminants.

Even some filtered water, which is thought to be perfectly safe for dogs and cats, can still contribute to the formation of silica stones in the urine and also be a partial cause of some kidney issues. Urinary issues are a BIG problem in both felines and canines.

We all want to do anything we can to keep our pets healthy and happy. Giving your pet a better life might be as simple as changing their water. 

waterwise 7000 distller

Concentrace MineralsIf you want health and happiness for both you and your pets- get a good steam water distiller and add minerals back into your body and your pets water as well!   This is the best way to get the pure water and the kind of minerals that your pet's body can actually use. Click on either Fulvic or Concentrace bottles to read more.>  Also if you want the best water distiller-<click in the Waterwise distiller to the left.  I LOVE my waterwise!