Colloidal Silver For Dogs

Colloidal Silver For Dogs

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Jul 10th 2020

Colloidal silver for dogs is a safe, easy, effective and natural way to treat your beloved canines for many health issues right in your own home.

As good dog parents we often race to the veterinarian when anything seems wrong with our fur kids.

But before you make an appointment with your conventional veterinarian, think about using a holistic and natural cure instead. Colloidal silver for dogs has proven effective for many minor and several more serious health conditions often costing hundreds of dollars to treat at the local vet’s office.

Colloidal silver is not only great for fur children, it is good for our human kids as well. Colloidal silver for dogs is not just for dogs! It’s perfect for treating the entire family, including all pets, from cats to chickens to hamsters, farm animals and even plants.

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Colloidal silver can safely be used to help prevent those early puppy illnesses along with a good natural immunity building program. (see our post on building natural immunity)

It’s the perfect way to help boost your pup’s natural immunity safely, even build immunity in very young puppies and avoid the barrage of too many vaccines.

Has been known to help with wounds, cuts, infections, and many known canine diseases

Colloidal silver is a great natural health booster to use daily as a preventive as well. Just add it to the water bowl to help clean plaque from teeth and prevent low-lying pathogens from every having a chance to invade your pooch’s system.

Colloidal silver for dogs can really save you money on vet bills. Those expensive trips to the veterinarian have become a way of life for many dog owners. It really doesn’t need to be that way. Take into consideration the expensive drugs they prescribe each visit. 

The conventional veterinarian business, especially over vaccination, has become a HUGE cash cow for the industry. Antibiotics and steroids seem to be the answer for everything wrong. 

Most antibiotics and steroids being given to our dogs are doing very little to actually heal them. They just suppress the immune system (which is only trying to do its job) until the next episode. Later the disease reappears in a worse form, wreaking more havoc with your dog’s delicate system.

This back and forth on differing medications can lead to antibiotic resistance, which has become a real problem. It is creating “super bugs” that cannot be stopped. With colloidal silver this doesn’t happen. Silver kills by suffocating microbes. They never become resistant to attacks from silver.

Colloidal silver can be given orally, or applied topically with a sprayer, or dabbed on with a gauze pad or cotton ball. It can be dropped into the eyes with an eye dropper or squirted into the ears with an oral syringe to help treat and heal. It is so versatile; it works on many different health problems in dogs.

Colloidal silver is a water-based liquid that is basically odor-free and mostly tasteless. It has a very slight mineral taste. It is an alternative antimicrobial and antibiotic, as well as a powerful antiviral and antifungal.

Colloidal silver consists of small particles of silver that kill microbes. The tiny particles of silver invade the cell and suffocate it. In the presence of silver, pathogens cannot survive. CS is made up of micro-particles of 99.999% pure silver suspended in water. This means that tiny, microscopic silver particles are floating around in a liquid medium, in this case distilled water.

Because the silver particles, called nano-particles, are so microscopic, they can infiltrate cells and kill pathogens instantly.

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Colloidal Silver is known to work successfully in this manner, floating around in the dog’s system penetrating, killing  colliodal-silverbottlepro.jpgand removing more than 650 disease-causing micro-organisms. That’s how it boosts the immune system. It is a preventative, getting rid of potential low lying pathogens before they ever can take hold.

Colloidal Silver for dogs can be used against just about anything that is either viral, bacterial or fungal in nature. It works most effectively through direct contact with the offending microbe for at least 5-6 minutes. Repeated doses help to make sure it is gone forever. Use similarly as you would an antibiotic. Give for about 10 days to two weeks. The worse and more severe the health issue, the more aggressively and frequently you give the silver to your dog. It is that simple.

There is a possibility that there can be a healing crisis in your dog when using natural cures. This is called the “Hex Effect”. While the toxic substances in your pet’s body are in a die-off phase in which they are being cycled out of the body, the disease may seem worse for a few days. As the disease-producing pathogens are being destroyed, they need to be removed from the body and the organs, and be eliminated properly via the bloodstream, urinary system and colon.

It is absolutely necessary that at this time, your dog has the best species appropriate-diet and fresh filtered water always available, and is encouraged to drink as much as possible.

I recommend a raw diet to help boost their natural ability to heal and thrive. Diet is the foundation and cornerstone of natural healing. Do not overlook this aspect of your dogs holistic health regime.

Most dogs will drink just colloidal silver as if it is water. Letting them drink as often and as much as they want is known it to be beneficial, and a good way to help them to establish a correct dose for themselves.

How to Use Colloidal Silver for Dogs 

dogwithwoundonleg.jpegColloidal silver can be used externally for cuts, scrapes, wounds, abscesses, insect bites, burns, hot spots, rashes, and skin infections, including ringworm, mange, and yeast infections, as well as candida albicans and other skin irritations.

These can be cleansed with a colloidal silver spray. The CS may be given internally as well.

 I use it all over the house as a disinfecting spray to keep the dog and puppy area clean. Since I am a raw feeder I use it for clean up after cutting up the meat for the carnivores in the household. It’s also good for disinfecting your pet bowls, leashes, harness. etc.

Internally, colloidal silver works for healing stomach aches, coughs, flus, salmonella, E coli, cancer and more.

Here are some ways colloidal silver for dogs have been known to be used:

(although we cannot claim this to be true-please see our disclaimer below) 

  • Ear infections
  • Eye issues, including tear stains, pink eye, conjunctivitis and more
  • Coughs, including kennel cough
  • All viral, bacterial and fungal infections
  • Rashes, insect bites
  • Hot spots
  • Burns
  • Wounds, cuts and all infections
  • Eczema and other chronic and autoimmune skin diseases
  • Ringworm
  • Digestive upsets
  • Fevers and flu
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Parasite infestations (add to DE for worming)
  • Lyme disease

Our  Colloidal Silver for Pets is very easy to administer to dogs. Since it is mostly tasteless, dogs often will just drink it out of your hand or a small bowl. Or, it can be added to your dog’s water bowl or given with an oral syringe.

I have seen many websites out there recommending 3-5 drops of colloidal silver for dogs 3 times a day.  That is, in my opinion a nonsense dose even for a small dog.  Maybe for an infant pup of a small breed.  For an average sized dog you are going to need much more then a few drops in order for the CS to attack the pathogen effectively.

The method I recommend to all my customers, when treating an acute condition, is this: colloidal silver should be given 5-7 times a day if possible. This is what I call “going after the offending pathogen aggressively”. When there is a situation that needs immediate attention, give higher doses and give them more frequently. Unlike drugs, your dog is not going to overdose on colloidal silver. It has no known side effects for dogs.

Large dogs can take 20 ml several times a day. This is two fill-ups of the oral syringes that comes with our Colloidal Silver for Pets. Small dogs can take 10 ml several times a day.

If your dog is not showing improvement or any obvious results within a couple days, increase the dose.

There is a wide range of ppm (parts per million) of colloidal silver on the market. Ours in 20 ppm, which is perfect for pets.

For most healing situations (unless for acute conditions needing more), use the following:

Small-breed dogs should receive 10 ml, 2-3 x daily

Medium-sized dogs should receive 20 ml, 2-3 x daily

Large dogs may receive 20- 30 ml, 2-3 x daily

If your dog is sick or showing signs of an extreme condition, use the following dosage schedules: (However I suggest in this case getting a diagnosis from a vet first, then once you know what you are treating, you can avoid giving drugs if possible and treat with colloidal silver)

Small breed dogs - 10 ml, 5-7 daily

Medium-sized dogs - 30 ml, 5-7 daily

Large-breed dogs - 40 to 50 ml, 5-7 daily

We do not claim our product does help with any of these above health concerns.

What we do claim is that Colloidal Silver For Pets has been reported to be an effective Immune support.

We are not licensed health professionals and do not claim that colloidal silver can treat diseases of any kind- according to the FDA only prescribed drugs administered by licensed physicians can claim healing of any kind. See our Disclaimer here:(DISCLAIMER)