Go High Vibe - Organic Health Care For Pets

Go High Vibe - Organic Health Care For Pets

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on May 25, 2017

At the very heart of all living beings, within all creatures great and small, is the source and foundation from which we all are made: pure energy and vibration. 

This vibration is actually the movement of energy through time and space on a certain level of frequency. Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time. The higher the frequency, the stronger the life force energy of a living being. When we focus on a more organic health care for pets, we are in the stronger, high vibe life force.

Our dogs’ and cats’ personal vibration and level of frequency is very important. Animals have a naturally high vibration when they are born, but circumstances can quickly change it. We, as their caregivers, are responsible for how their lives unfold and how their vibration manifests. Since our pets’ lives are short this vibrational level or personal frequency is somewhat speeded up compared to that of humans. It all happens very fast for domestic animals, so it is much easier to tell if their energy and frequency is low or high. Adopting an “organic” health care for pets’ mindset can help them throughout their lives to keep a steadily high vibration so they can resist disease.

Vibrational Frequency

Every single thing in the entire universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Even solid masses are made up of vibrational energy fields at the very core of matter, at the quantum level. (In physics, a quantum is the most minimal amount of any physical entity.) This of course, applies to our animals as well as ourselves.

Because most animals naturally emanate a high vibrational frequency, we are blessed to have them in our own life force field. When we physically engage with them in a certain way we can pick up on that vibration and some of their “high vibes” can even automatically get transferred to us.

This may sound a bit woo-woo but it is true. Our pets help us raise our vibrations. Of course it is known that most of us experience a sudden powerful forward or upward movement in energy when we are around our dogs and cats, as we feel a deep love and affection towards them.

When this occurs, we manifest this circuit of continuous high vibration and our pet will also benefit from the energy wave being created.

The fact is our physical bodies and our pets’ energy and vibrational frequency share the same particular kind of matter.

We are one vibrational energy body manifesting itself in various forms, which is exactly why our pets rub off on us, and why it goes the other way, when our pets pick up on our negative energy or the low vibrations of un-natural circumstances.

Our pet's frequency or “‘vibration” is another way of speaking about their overall state of well-being. When our pets are weakened in any way, through abuse, wrong diet, chemicals, or vaccinations, they are no longer vibrating on the frequency of health and well-being. They are not operating at the resonant frequency for optimal health or healing to occur. This is when they need us to become aware, and help them and ourselves to raise the vibrations. For humans it is about raising our thoughts, our diets, our lifestyles, up to the higher octave; and the same for our pooches and kitties. They need us to help them as we are their stewards in the field of vibration.

What is this Field of Vibration?

Everything is energy, vibration and frequency. That piece of fruit in the bowl in your kitchen, the tree just outside your window, the rock on your path. Our animals are a pure source of energy. When you are able to see energy on a very infinitesimal level you don’t find matter. Instead, you will find pure energy resonating at a certain frequency and vibration. This is the field of vibration we all actually live within and are a part of.

Einstein came up with the philosophical and scientific basis of the Law of Vibration through his understanding of quantum physics. He called it the Theory of Relativity.

Here’s the actual theory: matter can be broken down into smaller particles. These smaller particles take us beyond this physical reality and into another valid reality where everything is pure energy and vibration: The Field of Vibration.

This is Einstein’s famous theory that all energy relates to matter and to the speed of light.

E = mc2 is his famous equation.

An amazing fact is that when two frequencies coincide in each other’s fields, the lower one rises up to resonate with the higher. This is called “the principle of resonance”.

Here is the perfect example of how that works. When your grand piano is being tuned up, you can place a tuning fork near the strings and strike it. When it is close to the piano string that has the same musical tone, that particular string then raises its vibration to match. The piano string self adjusts to the same frequency that the tuning fork is vibrating. This is the principle of resonance.

The Law of Vibration says that in our reality energy is continuously moving, vibrating, and shifting into a variety of differing forms. Our pets and ourselves are no exception. These differing vibrations and levels of frequency vary. If they are low, they’re less active and therefore less life force is moving through them. If they’re high they’re vibrating quickly with more life force and energy. So in fact nothing ever stands still! Nothing ever rests either. Everything is in perpetual motion in this field of vibration we all reside in and within.

How does all this science relate to our dogs and cats?

When the life force is down in our pets we know low vibrations have set in. In other words if something is off, they are sick or unwell. This signals to us that something is not right with the vibratory field and our pet is headed in a direction we don’t want them to go in.

Instead of seeing this is a signal to rush them off to the vet for prodding and poking and more chemicals, see this as a message that their vibration is falling and begin to do the things you know to raise it.

If we can catch it and do things to raise their frequency, we can get the balance back. Their own immune system kicks in and bingo! Well and happy again. Knowing these signals can be very useful if we are aware of them.

All things are better for our animal friends when they are resonating at a higher vibration, including overall health, behavior, potty training, skin, coat, eyes, ears and so forth.

However, if your dog or cat’s vibration isn’t as high as you’d like it to be, no worries!

You can improve it easily in most cases if you are aware of what causes the vibration to be lowered and what makes it higher.

Remember, energy is constantly fluctuating on the vibrational scale, and you can always make a conscious and concerted effort to adjust the direction your pet is headed in.

What Happens When The Vibration is Low?

If your animal’s immune system is weakened through the onslaught of poor diet, over-vaccination, chemical pesticides, or lower vibrations in the environment in general, then you are going to want to make some changes.

If a dog’s or kitty’s immunity is low and weak, it is naturally going to have a lower vibrational frequency than what a strong, healthy immune system should be vibrating at. Your pet is going to be immune-compromised and is going to need to be brought up to a higher level of frequency again.

A dog with a strong, healthy immunity to disease with high vibrational frequencies won’t attract microbes, parasites, diseases or accidents. It will be calmer, more willing and a happier specimen of its breed.

Higher vibrational frequencies occur with an animal when it is tune to the natural order of things. Love, happiness, exercise, time in nature, earthing, play and attention all attract high vibrations. When our pet is allowed to build its own immunity through exposure to life without over-vaccination, unnatural pesticides and chemicals in it’s environment, it can thrive and naturally resist dis-ease of all kinds. When carnivores are fed a species-appropriate diet something in them awakens. A vital life force comes alive. This means feeding raw meat from natural sources, preferrably not packaged pre-made or cooked, which causes the loss of life force, lowering the vibration drastically.

This is how strong, healthy immune systems are built. This is how the vibrational frequency is raised: through love, good diet, being in touch with nature and staying true to holistic, natural, organic health care for pets.

How to Raise the Vibrations And Move Towards Organic Health Care For Pets   

  1. Change the diet to raw food
  2. Give them immune boosting colloidal silver, herbs or mushrooms
  3. Use essential oils on the body or diffused with a carrier oil
  4. Give lots of love and comfort
  5. Identify and provide a favorite toy and plenty of play time outdoors
  6. Sunshine
  7. Filtered water
  8. Earthing: time on the earth, grass, and outdoors in the woods
  9. Turn off all wi-fi and sources of EMFs in the house for a while, or take them to a place free of them
  10. Remove all toxins and chemicals from the environment
  11. No more drugs, chemicals, pesticides and vaccinations

Having a home and garden containing any unnatural products filled with chemicals and other toxins is sure to negatively impact our pet’s health and our own well being as well as lower the vibes around us. We need to correct whatever we can immediately and remove all known toxins from the living environment of our animals. This problem can be quickly and easily solved by choosing to use all natural products, including for our laundry, shampoos, floor cleaners, and yards.

Also keep in mind that fleas, ticks, and worms, in fact all parasites including heartworm, are all attracted to animals with low vibrations. This is actually a way that nature has created as a cleaning-up system to weed out the weaker specimens.

Life and true health is about balance: keeping the vibration and frequency high through consciousness, and by being a good caregiver, not only of your pets, but of yourself as well.

Be part of the “High Vibe” tribe and dedicate yourself to being a High Vibe Pet Parent. Do what is best for your fur kids! Go holistic...be more natural, create high vibrations and move towards a totally natural and organic health care for your pets’ lifestyle. 

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